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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is probably the hardest task for internet marketers. Well, I do agree with this. I also find it hard to do as compared to other tasks. A few years back, when I started digital marketing, Every day I ended up reading a new SEO Guide. I was a little disappointed with myself at that time. Every SEO Guide was almost the same; just the difference was language. Well, every SEO Guide for Beginners will teach you the same thing, Basics and some techniques which are similar on every website.

So, to make things simple for you, I have done a bit of research. In this article today, I’ll be telling you some best SEO Guides for Beginners. It will help if you try these guides. Well, it is a bit long process to read each guide carefully. But after reading them, you’ll be very clear about the way you need to do SEO. Please keep in mind that every guide listed below will teach you different and new things which you must know.

The Beginners Guide to SEO by Moz

SEO Guide for Beginers by Moz
SEO Guide for Beginers by Moz

Moz is the biggest provider of SEO software. Moz’s products are the most famous and used in the industry. Moz has made a very informative free course on SEO for beginners. This SEO guide by Moz has been read over 3 Million times. This is the best SEO Guide which people love. This is not only the guide but it is a complete course. This course is available for free on the Moz website. This free course is written by Rand Fishkin and Moz Staff. This course will provide you complete exposure to SEO.

These are the topics this course is divided into :-

  • How Search Engines Operate.
  • How people interact with search engines.
  • Why search engine marketing is necessary.
  • The basics of search engine friendly design & development.
  • Keyword research.
  • How usability, experience & content affect rankings.
  • Growing popularity and links.
  • Search engine tools and services.
  • Myths & misconceptions about search engines.
  • Measuring and tracking success.

Do You Need SEO? Guide by Google

Do You Need SEO? Guide by Google

The second best SEO Guides for Beginners I found is this. This is the SEO guide by Google. You must consider this guide topmost of all. Because this guide is by Google, we hope that this will be best. This SEO Guide will teach you SEO the way big agencies and professionals do. This SEO guide is linked to various resources that you must know. So, reading this guide is going to be a very good and informative experience for you.

Bing Webmasters Guide

Bing Webmasters Guide

Along with Google you also need to focus on bing. Bing is the second-best Search Engine after Google. Bing has worked a lot to make its search engine good. Not much focus is needed but still, you need to take bing in mind along with google. You can do all the necessary things required for bing with their Webmaster tools easily. This Bing webmaster guide will be enough for you to learn about the Bing search engine. You’ll easily and in a short time learn about how to get traffic from bing also.

How Google Works : A Google Ranking Engineer’s Story

This video is a story of a Google ranking engineer. This video is very helpful and will also tell you everything which you should know while doing SEO. Google pros, Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst & Paul Haahr, Software Engineer give SMX West attendees an inside view of how Google determines it’s ranking and algorithm changes.

How SEO Works – A 3-Minutes Guide for Beginners

How SEO Works - A 3-Minute Guide for Beginners

Platowebdesign has made the simplest page which can tell you what SEO is and how to do it. This is a very informative, graphic-rich, and informative 3-minute guide. You’ll end up learning what to do and what not to do to rank your content on google. In just 3 minutes you can learn a lot.

How Search Works – The Story

How Search Works - The Story

Google has again made a very helpful, useful and informative thing. You will get answers to all of your questions relating to algorithms. Google has made a page where they answered everything. You will know what google likes and what not. You will know what to serve and how to rank well on SERP.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Webpage

The Anatomy of a Perfect Webpage

The anatomy of a perfect webpage is a very informative guide made by HitReach. This guide will be very good for web designers. People who own a website also read this guide. You’ll get to know that what are the designing structure of a web page needs to be. A well-designed structure is also a big factor that affects your rankings.

This informative guide will tell you few things :

  • Design & Content
  • Call to Actions
  • On-Site SEO
  • Markup
  • Code

How Google Crawls a Web Page

How Google Crawls a Web Page

A simple guide for those who are looking for how crawlers work. We are focused on google and who can tell us better than this. So, in this article, you’ll know how google crawlers work.

Webmaster Guidelines

Webmaster Guidelines

Webmaster guidelines are one of the most important things in the list of best SEO Guides for beginners. We must know these guidelines before doing SEO. Webmaster guidelines are for what we need to do and what we need to avoid.

The Beginner’s Guide to Link Building by Moz

The Beginner's Guide to Link Building

Link building is one of the most important things. Link building is also not an easy task. We all know this is important but still unable to do it. There is a way to do things. So, we need to learn how to do link building and rank on SERP. Moz again made a very descriptive guide or you can say a Course about Link Building. The best thing is Moz won’t charge you in teaching this. The course is written by Paddy Moogan.

This course will teach you following things :

  • What is Link Building & Why it is Important ?
  • Types of Links (Both Good and Bad).
  • How to Start a Link building Campaign.
  • Link Building Tactics.
  • Link Building Metrics.
  • The Good, Bad & Ugly of Link Building.
  • Advanced Link Building Tips & Tricks.

The Advanced Guide to SEO by Quicksprout

The Advanced Guide to SEO

Quicksprout is a digital marketing company by Neil Patel. Quicksprout helps you in making your content better and drive more traffic with it. This is an advanced guide prepared by Neil Patel for SEO. You can learn a lot of things with it. This is actually a course that is available for free on Quicksprout.

The course is divided into multiple topics :

  • Inroduction
  • Indexation & Accessibility
  • Site Speed & Performance
  • New Search
  • WordPress
  • Advanced Data Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building
  • Link Building Techniques
  • Search Verticals

The Ultimate Digital Marketing & SEO Glossary

The Ultimate Digital Marketing & SEO Glossary

If you are confused in different terms like errors, blogging and SEO terminologies, etc., then we have the solution for you. We’ve to go to the glossary of internet marketing. This glossary has all the terminologies and can easily solve all your doubts.

Google Quality Rating Guidelines

Google Search Engine Quality Guidelines

Google has made a very simple PDF about their quality rating guidelines for search. You can easily download the PDF file just by unlocking the download with a share below.

The Expert’s Guide to Google Penalty Removal

The Expert's Guide to Google Penalty Removal

The solution to the problem of beginners was found. Many of the beginners get penalized by google. Due to a lack of knowledge, many beginners do unwanted things and then get the penalty from the referee. This expert guide has got the solution to the problem. you can now remove the penalty from your domain easily. Read this expert guide which is divided into many chapters :

  • Introduction to Guide.
  • Introduction to Google Penalties.
  • Why Penalties Happen.
  • Identifying a Penalty.
  • First Step to Recovery.
  • Penalty Resolution Methods.
  • Making a Reconsideration Method.
  • The Road to Recovery.
  • Lessons Learned.
  • Case Studies.
  • Additional Resources.

The Beginner’s Guide to Website Speed Optimization

The Beginner's Guide to Website Speed Optimization

Most of us are creating websites on WordPress. Even this website is made on WordPress like others. The problem is that we use a lot of plugins to get a lot of functions on the website for a better experience. But we fail to give the primary thing which is speed. A lot of plugins means a lot of load time. According to facts, a person leaves the website if it is not loaded after 5 seconds. So, we need to provide a good load time. The load time needs to be around 2-4 seconds. So this guide will help you to optimize your website speed for a better web experience for the user.

The Ultimate Guide to Log File Analysis for SEO

The Ultimate Guide to Log File Analysis

A log file is a file that records all events happening on your server or system. Logfile analysis is very important. Most of the marketers underrate this but this is really important. It is not an easy task but it is important. This log file has a record of all ‘hits’ to your website. The received data is kept anonymously but in the log file. It contains time, date, URL, user-agent from the browser, and the IP address of the hit. This file is used for technical auditing & troubleshooting and can be used for SEO auditing also. You can learn Log file analysis for SEO with this easy guide available for free. The guide is made into lessons :

  • Introduction.
  • Working with Log Files.
  • Useful tools for Technical SEO auditing.
  • Identifying Crawl Accessibility Errors.
  • Identifying Crawl Deficiencies.
  • Extending Your Log File Analysis.
  • Resources.

The Most Creative Link Building Post Ever

The Most Creative Link Building Post Ever

Well, this is not a Guide or Course. This is also the best 17th resource about SEO Guides for Beginners. This is a post written by Jon Cooper on Pointblankseo. In this post, you will be reading answers of different industry leaders about “What was the most creative way you, or someone you know, got a link?”. This can be very useful to you and you might get an idea about how to get a few valuable backlinks for your blog or site.

So, people, I have done my best in getting awesome useful resources for you about SEO Guides for Beginners. I hope you like this article. If you have anything in mind then please let me know in the comments. Please do share these 17 Best SEO Guides for Beginners with your friends and followers to support my hard work. We love to have your support and will serve you better next time.


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