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4 Instagram Articles Every Marketer Should Read

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Have you introduced your business on Instagram? If yes, then there is no need to hide this incredible option from others. Instagram user’s count has reached up to 400 million users in 2015. Though most of the business have started spreading awareness on Instagram yet there are some businesses who have not joined Instagram.

If a layperson looked at the Instagram, he/she may found it best place of use for only those in e-commerce. But if you are a part of any business and just running simple account Instagram then you should think about creating your own business profile. With the marketer’s point of view, here are given some very simple yet informative articles which they should read to leverage your power using Instagram.

5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following

Instagram for B2B – 5 Ways To Grow Your Following
Instagram for B2B – 5 Ways To Grow Your Following

Many marketers have already confessed, Instagram is the proficient social media platform for the engagement of the audience. This is what, one of the business holder, Founder, and CEO and of Headbands of Hope, Jess Ekstrom, has mentioned the worth of Instagram as a business to Buy instagram followers profile in her articles. Though her business’s Instagram profile has the small count of followers as compare to her Facebook Page. She has used a very smart strategy that permits her business to grow which are given as follows:

  • Focus and handle your marketing material and your packaging.
  • Share your products with Instagram influencers
  • Make Comments
  • Enhance tagging others
  • Become an unavoidable cause to be followed.

Two of them that is, sharing your products with influencers and handling marketing and packaging material seems bit weird. Yet they are the major reasons for which people will follow your account. People will love to share their experiences with your products while tagging you in their photos.

Never Designed an Instagram Ad? Here Are 7 Things That Will Make You Stand Out

One thing for which you have to get worried about is the advertising options. As per Jeff Bullas, two most important elements that your Instagram ad should comprise of are, inspiration and information. In this article, Jeff has discussed 7 tips that will guide businesses while building their Instagram ad. They are:

  • Always imagine the composition of the ad
  • Choose a principal point
  • Generate a friendly perspective
  • Don’t be hostile for your logo
  • Use colors and contrast
  • Maintain consistency
  • Create easy and simple text

Jeff has set examples via sharing these quick and easy tips.

The 5 Best Free Instagram Analytics Tools

Instagram Analytics Tools
Instagram Analytics Tools

After developing your Instagram profile and getting enough knowledge about the creation of attractive ads, now it’s time to track your efforts. Most of the users don’t know anything about native analytics on Instagram. So this means that you will need a third party to pathway your efforts. You should know the ultimate usage and outcomes of using this tool. The writer of this article, Pete Schauer from SEMGeeks, has mentioned 5 basic tools for Instagram analytics which are:

  • Crowdfire
  • Iconosquare
  • InstaFollow
  • SimplyMeasured
  • Union Metrics

These analytics tools are totally free but they come up with few limitations, yet they are good for beginners. If you want to advanced analytics tools then you can choose paid options for software like Postano or Unmetric.

15 Hidden Instagram Hacks & Features Everyone Should Know About

Most of the time you open your Instagram account to get rid of boredom. There are few hacks from HubSpot that are called “game changers”

  • Get notified when your chosen people post
  • You can see all likes on any post
  • You can check the recent activities of your friends such as their likes and comments etc.
  • Views pictures without any fear of accidentally Liking them
  • You can now clear your search history
  • You can hide unused filters and can reorder them
  • Use a photo editor option on Instagram.  (Without having to post anything)
  • Separate your bio and captions via line breaks
  • You can hide photos in which you are tagged
  • Change your settings regarding approval of tagged photos before they show up in your profile
  • You can removes photos from your photo map at any time
  • You can browse photos which are taken at particular locations
  • Move traffic to an external website
  • Hide irrelevant ads
  • Share photos with your friends privately.

Before starting up your profile it is highly recommended to visit ShortStack’s latest template. In the case of e-commerce businesses, don’t forget to check out Interactive Gallery Template which permits you to create a shoppable gallery. Though the template can also be designed for many features like downloads, links to external pages, pop-ups from within the Campaign, contest entries, newsletter sign-ups and so on.

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