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AnyTrack Review: Customer Tracking Made Easier & Faster

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Customer tracking is a crucial thing for any digital marketer. Businesses, agencies, bloggers, and affiliate marketers who don’t keep track of their campaigns and conversions lose on a lot of data. This customer data can help you in shaping your campaigns and driving better results.

AnyTrack monitors conversions across all of your marketing channels attribute them in one single database. Also, allowing you to sync all the marketing campaign data with Google Analytics and Facebook pixel, which also helps in Remarketing. In this AnyTrack Review, we’ll be discussing all the features they offer and how my experience has been with AnyTrack.

All your affiliate accounts, landing pages, funnels, traffic sources, and more will be connected through one code. This OneTag makes tracking and monitoring of conversions easier and centralized. Also, OneTag makes synchronization of data with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel much easier.

As you will read in the review, AnyTrack is packed with features that enable marketers and marketing agencies, to track their affiliate campaigns in Google Ads, but it can also be used by bloggers, coupon sites and product comparison websites that are mostly getting traffic from SEO. Overall, it’s a platform that simplify the conversion tracking process, for any type of performance marketing activities.

What is AnyTrack? Why you Need it?

AnyTrack Review
AnyTrack Review

A company focused on the “Less is More” approach. AnyTrack is a conversion tracking platform that integrates affiliate networks, marketing tools, analytical tools, and tracking tools to keep track of most of your marketing activities. I help in improving the ROI of the business and make all your data available in one place. As soon as you put the OneTag of AnyTrack on your website, it starts synchronizing the data with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, AdWords, Bing Ads, and other major platforms. Further, in this AnyTrack Review, we’ll see how it works and how it helps improve marketing campaigns.

Why is it Important to Track each Conversion

Each conversion holds important data that can help you in improving your marketing campaigns. Conversion is not only a sale always, but it can also be a trigger, it can be a form submission, it can be a file download, it can be a trial activate, and many other marketing methods used by vendors. So, we can’t only focus on the sale, a conversion is more of that.

The good thing about AnyTrack is that it allows tracking of various acquisition methods like CPS, CPA, CPC, Form Submit, etc. so you don’t need to configure different trackings for different acquisition types. OneTag will take care of all your marketing activities. Traditional tracking platforms don’t allow tracking of so many conversion types and that’s what keeps you on backfoot. You miss on a lot when you don’t have complete information about your marketing campaigns and conversion process. AnyTrack helps you understand user behavior through various metrics and optimization opportunities.

AnyTrack Review: What is “Plug n’ Go” Tag?

AnyTrack OneTag
AnyTrack OneTag

As you can guess by the name of the tag, it lets you track and attribute your visitors instantly. You can get started with tracking users in just 5 minutes by installing the OneTag to your website.

AnyTrack tracks your website’s traffic and conversions from affiliate networks and instantly relays the conversion data to Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. This relayed data instantly feeds the remarketing list with user data so you can instantly remarket campaigns to the new audience without doing any manual work. The tracking data collected using AnyTrack also helps you in understanding the user and improving your marketing campaigns.

How AnyTrack Work?

  1. Add AnyTrack tracking script to your website or funnel.
  2. Turn on integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.
  3. AnyTrack immediately starts tracking conversions and traffic.

What are the Features of AnyTrack?

AnyTrack Review: Features
AnyTrack Review: Features

As we have told you how AnyTrack is the best way to track and attribute conversions above in this AnyTrack Review, We are now talking about the functionalities and features AnyTrack offers to you. OneTag, AutoTrack Events, and AutoTag & SubId’s are three tracking functions that help in tracking conversion and traffic data.

One Tag

Conversion tracking is a hectic task whether you do it with AdWords, Analytics, Facebook, Bing, or any other platform. It always seems difficult. Using AnyTrack’s OneTage you can easily set-up tracking with just 1 single code. It automatically tracks and attributes data across all your marketing tools.

➦ No Coding Knowledge Required
➦ Quick Setup and Instant Validation

AutoTrack Events

Recording data like form submission and outbound click needs a set of technology to be installed on your website. Many times, as a marketer we don’t know how to set up tracking for forms, etc. AnyTrack’s AutoTrack automatically records data like form submissions and outbound link clicks.

➦ Auto-Detection of Forms & Offer Links
➦ Unlimited Offers
➦ Works with Current Setup

AutoTag & SubId’s

For easier access and reporting of data, AutoTag automatically tags your offers and links to different labels. This lets you easily track the funnel of your marketing campaign across channels, affiliate networks, and advertisers.

➦ Link Tracking without Redirection
➦ Instant Tracking & Simple Installation
➦ Compatible with any CMS

Analytics Integration

Synchronization of data across various reporting and advertising platforms is really important. Analytics Integration allows connecting all your pixels and tracking platforms in one place so that each and every piece of data can instantly be synchronized.

➦ Google Analytics
➦ Facebook Online Conversions
➦ One-Click Setup

Otherthan these main features, there are several other features offered like:

  • 50+ Affiliate Network Integration
  • API & Post back URL Integration
  • Instant Setup of Traffic Sources
  • Automatic Funnel Tracking
  • Optimized URL Tracking
  • Build Custom Audience
  • Scale Marketing Campaigns with Confidence
  • Improve ROI & Conversions
  • Track Traffic Sources
  • Gain More Insights on Your Traffic
  • and much more.

AnyTrack Review: Final Words

The OneTag feature of AnyTrack is really helpful in connecting all your marketing platforms and analytics platform together. Keeping synchronization across marketing platforms always helps in a better understanding of your audience and their behavior. AnyTrack has made it a lot easier to track all your affiliate networks in one place. You just need to put a single line of code on the website and everything runs on autopilot. If you are doing good with affiliate marketing and scale your revenue then AnyTrack will be a good tool for you.

Grab a free trial from AnyTrack here >>

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