17 Best SEO Guides for Beginners

17 Best SEO Guides for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is probably the hardest task for internet marketers. Well, I do agree with this. I also find it hard to do as compared to other tasks. A few years back, when I started digital marketing, Every day I ended up reading a new SEO Guide. I was a little disappointed with

Types of Links for Website Optimization

Types of Links for Website Optimization

Many of you knows that the web is made up of links. Links are also not common links but they are different types of links. A link works to connect one webpage to another. When you search on google for anything what google gives you is a link to other website. Links are very important

Major WordPress Plugins for Growth Hacking

18 Major WordPress Plugins for Growth Hacking

WordPress is no doubt the most used and popular website platform. WordPress has got plenty of plugins both free and paid by which you can make it more productive. WordPress is easy to use and most of us are comfortable on it. Today We’ve got the list of a few major WordPress plugins for growth

Dreamhost vs Siteground

Dreamhost vs Siteground: Unbiased Comparison Review

Dreamhost and Siteground are few of those companies who are independently hosted. There are limited companies left in the market which are independently hosted. Like any other hosting, they proudly promote themselves with their features and offerings. These two are very popular for managed WordPress hosting services. So, in this Dreamhost vs Siteground comparison review,

How Internet of Things Will Effect Mobile App Development?

How Internet of Things Will Effect Mobile App Development?

Mobile apps are often used by Smartphone users; a study reveals that more than 90 percent of the mobile users are depending on the apps that are in the Smartphones. On the other hand, Internet of Things (IoT), is being developed by many software development companies are concentrating on IoT app development that integrates a

Honest MyThemeShop Review - Best Themes for Bloggers! Really?

Honest MyThemeShop Review – Best Themes! Really?

In WordPress, we have a huge number of options for themes and plugins. There are plenty of quality developers of WordPress themes and plugins. So, one is MyThemeShop. In this article, we are doing MyThemeShop Review. You can create a complete website on wordpress using themes starting from free and going to 1000s of dollars.

WordPress Speed Optimization for GTMetrix and Pagespeed Insights

WordPress Speed Optimization Guide: PageSpeed Insights + GTMetrix

We all know that WordPress is an excellent platform. But, a problem everyone faces with their favourite rig is the speed performance. Often we use 10s of plugins and premium themes, and many of them are not speed optimized. So, WordPress Speed Optimization becomes vital for every website or blog. If you ignore taking proper

Honest Serpstat Review

Serpstat Review: Powerful Growth Hacking Tool for Everyone

Serpstat is a new tool in the market. Being a new tool, it has grown its customer base rapidly. It is an All-in-One SEO tool as well as a growth hacking tool for content creators, bloggers, webmasters, and everyone who is involved in digital marketing. In this Serpstat Review, we will deeply study this SEO