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ClickMeeting Review: New Era Webinar Solution with Secure Conferencing

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Those days are gone when we used to have a couple of webinar software available. With the increasing popularity and demand for webinars, many new software and tools joined the market. ClickMeeting is one of those tools which is now owned by GetResponse which is a leading email marketing tool. In this ClickMeeting Review, we will be going through all the aspects and features of Clickmeeting. Along with it, you will read whether this software will be useful for you or not. We will also be comparing it with some leading webinar software available in the industry at present. So, without taking more of your time, let’s get started with this ClickMeeting review right away.

ClickMeeting is best suitable for all kinds of small and big size organizations. The software has focused to cater purposes of Marketing, Sales, Education, HR, and Training. Priced at just $25 Onwards.

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ClickMeeting Review: A Little Information

ClickMeeting is a web as well as platform-based video conferencing software. It comes with various plans which can meet the requirements of companies of all sizes and purposes. It is among one of the most creative webinar tools as it comes with various interesting and exclusive features. Availability of features like paid webinars, custom branding, pdf reports, attendee specific reports, waiting room, dynamic reports, presentation, forms, etc. makes this a perfect tool for Webinars. It would be great if you can take a few minutes in watching the video about ClickMeeting given below:

Now let’s dive in the ClickMeeting review. You will get to know about advantages, disadvantages, bugs, etc in ClickMeeting further in this complete review.

Availability of ClickMeeting on Platforms

Platform availability of a webinar tool is one of the most important things you need to take care of. Being a Web-based webinar tool, one can easily access your webinars from any platform. They just need to have an internet connection and adobe flash player installed which is common nowadays. Along with browser compatibility, ClickMeeting has its mobile application which is available on Android and iOS devices. So, if the person is not able to access the computer, he/she can attend your webinar on their mobile devices.

Creating Your Online Event – An Easy Way

First of all, if you are willing to try ClickMeeting then you can just Signup for a free trial without credit card and try it for 30 days. Creating events and meetings in ClickMeeting is an easy task. You just need to go to schedule and there you will see the “Create Event” button. So, the event creation will be in 3 steps. The first one will be scheduling the event, second will be inviting attendees, and the last will be room customization.

Creating Event in ClickMeeting
Creating Event in ClickMeeting

Creating the event was easy, you just need to enter the name of the event and all set. Each of the events will get a dedicated URL which can be shared with potential attendees for easy accessibility.

Creator of the event has to select the type of event. There are 4 different types of events can be made with ClickMeeting. First one is a permanent event, second is the time scheduled, the third one is automated which means that an event will be created automatically on a specified time, and the last is On-Demand event.

On-Demand event is the event which can be pre-planned, designed, and recorded. It can be accessed on demand of attendee with play, pause, forward, and rewind options. The creator can set CTAs and files so that the user can have all at once.

Waiting Room – Pre-Information Space

Waiting Room in Clickmeeting
Waiting Room in Clickmeeting

I’ve personally seen a lot of webinar events where there is no pre-information page. What presenters do is they just send all the information in the email along with the registration link. So, if in case I enter the event earlier, it just shows me the screen that the event hasn’t started yet. For me, it would have been good if there were some information about the event, presenters, or some sort of video, or even a file which I can read in the meantime. The waiting room of ClickMeeting allows creators to put the agenda of the event. Along with agenda, you can put presenters profile, a video to engage attendees or some sort of files which they can access in the meantime.

Status: So far in the process of creating the event, I didn’t face any UI issue or bug.

Inviting Attendees to Your Event

Invitation options in ClickMeeting are like other webinar software. There is nothing unique or exclusive in it. User can copy and paste emails in the field, or search in saved emails in the contacts list, or make groups for specific events and access all the contacts in it at once, or take emails of attendees from past events.

Inviting Attendees
Inviting Attendees

One additional feature they have given is of time converter. Usually, people don’t understand the time of the event in their specific country. So, you can generate a link by clicking on “Copy Details” option and share it to the attendees. They will get to know the exact time of the event as per their country time zone. This is a good feature but not that great so that we will count it in a unique or exclusive feature.

The email which ClickMeeting send to the attendees is well designed and responsive. So, you don’t have to worry about how your invitation will look. It will surely be appealing to the attendee with all the required information and links.

Registration for in the invitation can be easily customized as per your requirements. I didn’t face any sort of  issues with registration form.

Something Important to Notice: When you have a lot of attendees on the list, it will be a bit confusing sending reminders manually to the specific attendee. Their system automatically sends a reminder at your specified time. But, in some cases, you will need to send some manual reminder. There you might feel a bit confused. Clickmeeting’s system will shuffle the list again and you will be confused. Also, in some cases, it may not show you that the reminder has been sent of not where the reminder is mostly sent. You may end up sending multiple reminders at the same time which may disturb your attendee. Despite of the test during this ClickMeeting Review, I have faced this issue several times.

Custom Branding will Help in Getting More Exposure

Custom Branding in Webinars
Custom Branding in Webinars

Logo of your company plays an important role in branding. As you can see we have changed a logo on the login page of the event. Yes, that “EXAMSTHISYEAR” logo. By default, there will be the logo of ClickMeeting, but you can change it to your logo. By doing this, you will make the first impression of your brand to the attendee. Also, it makes the invitation a bit more personal.

Along with the logo, you can change the background and color scheme. ClickMeeting has Unsplash free stock photos integrated so that you don’t need to go anywhere else. You will get all the high-quality background images within ClickMeeting.

Now, the important part. This was the branding of the login page. The place where attendees will spend maximum time will be Webinar window. So, you can also customize the webinar window with the logo and your desired color scheme. This will definitely make attendees remember your brand by its logo for a long time.

Event Marketing Automation

ClickMeeting Review: Event Marketing Automation
ClickMeeting Review: Event Marketing Automation

Here comes an extremely important part. The webinar has been planned, created, attendees are invited, All Done! is it? No. There is a lot of work left to do. If you leave your event by just creating it and inviting attendees, you tend to get low attendance at the webinar event.

Automation will help you in doing the rest. Configure the automation and you can grab that movie seat or play the game in the meantime.  These are the few options which are provided by ClickMeeting for marketing automation of your event. Let’s have a look at them:

Event Automation Actions

Several helpful and interesting features are given in this tab. The first one is about showing the event on your profile page. Your profile page will be like “”. All your events will be visible there if you have chosen to show.

  • Second, about auto-streaming the event on social media sites like facebook and youtube. So, if you wish to stream your event, you can switch it on.
  • Third is about auto-recording of your event. If you wish, you can turn it on.
  • Forth is about showing recording of events on your profile page.
  • Fifth is about auto-publishing events to your YouTube channel.
  • Sixth is about saving your events recordings directly in your dropbox account.

Event Promotion Rules

In this option, you can set event reminder emails. The system will automatically send a reminder to invites on your specified time.

Follow-Up Rules

Following up the attendees is an important step after your webinar. ClickMeeting offers you the option to put a custom thank-you page which will be redirected after ending of the webinar. Along with custom landing page, you can also set up a custom thank you an email, automatic follow up emails, and automate invites to these attendees for your upcoming events.

Basic Settings

This tab consists of some basic settings like sharing event invitations on your social profiles and pages, Invite button for hosts, room type, and phone gateway for those who can’t attend video conference.

Presenting Webinars in Real-Time

Webinar UI
Webinar UI

The user interface of ClickMeeting has improved a lot. Please note that a high-speed internet connection is required for both presenter and attendee, otherwise, you may face issues with streaming and quality of the video. UI shown in the picture above can be changed according to the need and convenience of the user.

Attendees and presenter, both will be able to see the list of presenter and attendees. If you choose not to show the list of attendees, you can hide it by clicking on the settings icon. On the left of the window, you can see various icons. These are different tabs. The first one is for webcam sharing. Second is for presentation sharing.

I have read at various places that people face issues in presentation sharing, but I didn’t face any issue with it in the past 8 months. Whiteboard feature opens another way of sharing for presenters.

Desktop sharing is possible with ClickMeeting, the only thing presenter need to do is install a small ClickMeeting addon on their desktop. YouTube videos can also be shared during the webinar with attendees.

Polls, Surveys, and Questions can also be shared with attendees during the webinar.

For Attendees: They can raise their question or voice through given options in their webinar panel in real-time. Attendees can also communicate through mic if presenter permits it.

ClickMeeting Pros & Cons

Pros of ClickMeetingCons of ClickMeeting
High Quality Video ConferencingLarge invitation lists can be a bit confusing in managing
Waiting RoomBugs in manual reminder notifications to presenter
Android & iOS App
Free 30 Days Trial
Live Chat Support
Custom Branding

ClickMeeting Review: Pricing & Plans

As we all know, ClickMeeting has been one of the most promising webinar tools so far. Also, it did deliver what it promised in almost every case. Pricing also plays an important role in deciding the tool you are going with. ClickMeeting is offering a complete webinar solution at a very reasonable price. They do offer 3 different plans which suit almost every purpose and size of business. They do offer discounts various times in a year, you can check out current discounts here.

ClickMeeting Plans & Pricing
ClickMeeting Plans & Pricing

ClickMeeting Review Conclusion

During my usage and also while I was testing ClickMeeting for this ClickMeeting review, I didn’t face any major issue except the list management and reminder issue I mentioned above. ClickMeeting is a good choice for delivering webinars to a large audience worldwide. The best thing is that it has mobile applications available. Also the price point it is being offered at is extremely good. For me, it’s a good webinar solution. Else you can decide.

Get ClickMeeting now or Start Free Trial and evaluate yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is no doubt about the capability of Clickmeeting for large meetings. You can easily setup meeting room and invite big number of attendees to your meeting using Clickmeeting.

Yes, attendees can register for your events before attending. But, you need to enable this option when you create the event. Just turn on the registration option and there you can setup registration fields. You are all set to receive registrations from attendees.

Yes, you can simply use the HTML code provided in Clickmeeting panel.  Go to the scheduled events, then choose event actions, and from there choose to embed event to the website.

Yes, you can pepare and save the room before starting your live webinar. Once you enter the webinar room, click on Prepare Event button to prepare for the event. You can upload presentations, video, and other documents. Now you can save the room and close the window, your webinar room is prepared.

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