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Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads: Which is the Best for Lead Generation?

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Confused between Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. There is a lot of similar features among convert pro and thrive leads. Just for information, if you know ConvertPlug, it is now Convert Pro.

Both of these plugins are well built and provide a great solution to email optins. Thrive leads is being used for a long time, now we have an alternative to it which is Convert Pro. In this article, we are talking about what are the similarities and differences between Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads. Which is the best plugin you should go for? So, let’s start with it right away.

In this test, we are using these plugins on Astra theme with WordPress 5.6, Convert Pro 1.5.5 and Thrive Leads 2.3.6. We will be comparing the performance of both of the plugins and accordingly the results will be put here.

Transparency declaration:- This comparison review is totally unbiased and we didn’t get any value in return for making this review. If you have any question or doubt, you can ask us in the comment section below.

So, let’s get started with comparison between Convert Pro and Thrive Leads.

Key Differences: Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads

In general, both the plugins are very similar in working. Both of them are email optin plugins which use visual editors to create converting email optin forms. Convert Pro claims to something more than an email optin plugin. We’ll see that later in this comparison review.

We’ll take a close look at both of the plugins to know the differences and other things. You will get to see differences in details in this comparison. Here we have mentioned things in short and further in the article, we will take a depth look at these key differences:

  1. Thrive Leads is available in 3 different pricing options. They do not offer any unlimited plan. For 1 License, you need to pay $67. For 5 License, you need to pay $97 and For 15 Licenses, you need to pay $147. In this, you will get unlimited updates but the support will be for 1 year only.
  2. Convert Pro is available in 1 single plan with annual and lifetime option. For 1 year, you need to pay $99 (1-year support and unlimited sites license) and for Lifetime, you need to pay $399 (Lifetime premium support, updates, and unlimited sites usage).
  3. Thrive leads claims to be faster than Convert Pro. So, we conducted a test using the same site by which thrive leads have made claims. But according to our test, Page with thrive leads took 2.78 seconds where the page with Convert Pro took 2.48 seconds. So, the claim failed in our test.
  4. Thrive leads claims to be having a 9x bigger library of templates. They are having around 561 pre-made templates where Convert Pro offers 62 unique designs. Here, most of the templates in thrive leads was basic and many of them was very similar to each other. So, it looked like more quantity than quality.
  5. Convert Pro offers White label option which is very useful for agencies where Thrive Leads doesn’t offer this.
  6. In terms of triggers, targeting and A/B testing. Both are standing the same.
  7. Reporting is well organized in thrive leads within the WordPress dashboard where Convert Pro requires you to integrate Google Analytics for analytics and reports.
  8. Forms scheduling is available in Convert Pro where Thrive Leads doesn’t offer such a feature.
  9. Both the plugins use visual editors which are easy to use. Thrive leads seems more advanced with features but at the same interface feels very congested with a lot of options which seems unorganized. Convert Pro’s interface is very organized and feels easy to work with.

So, these were the comparison among Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads. Now, let’s talk about these and some more features in details with proper analysis.

Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads: Who Wins?

So, let’s start with in-depth comparison review. We will review all the features along with differences and similarities 1-by-1. So, Here we go……

Pricing of Plugins

Pricing of Thrive Leads is complex where Convert Pro is having very clear and simple pricing. Also, Thrive doesn’t offer any lifetime license, so if you are looking for a lifetime plan of Thrive Leads, you won’t get it. You need to renew it every year. But the good this about Thrive is that you are getting lifetime updates. Also, they are not having an unlimited site license. So, if you are having more than 15 websites then you need to have 2 plans.

Here is how the pricing of both plugins looks like:

Annual License - $99/Year1 Site License (Lifetime) - $67
5 Site License (Lifetime) - $97
Lifetime License - $39915 Site License (Lifetime) - $147
Unlimited Sites in Both PlansLimited Site Usage, No Unlimited Plan Available.
1 Year Support in Annual Plan and Lifetime Support in Lifetime Plan1 Year Support in All Plans.
5 Site License (Lifetime) - $97

So, in this Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads, pricing of both the plugins is very different. Thrive leads is little cheaper from Convert Pro but the only big lack in thrive leads is that it doesn’t offer any solution for those who are looking for an unlimited site license. If you are in need of a solution for a 30+ website then convert pro lifetime is the perfect option to go with.

Features: Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads

Pricing been one factor and also pricing is not a big deal when you are getting something better. Now, let’s move on to the small and in-depth details of both of these plugins. In this, we are going to compare their features and performance. So, here we go…

General Features of Both Plugins

Before choosing an email optin plugin, you must make sure that is it compatible with the email marketing service you are using or not. Also, you should check all the integration options available with that particular email optin plugin. Well, we are doing this comparison in below given table:

General FeaturesConvert ProThrive Leads
Integration with Email Marketing Tools / Software / Services34 Integrations (Click Here to See All Integrations)30 Integrations (Doesn't offer integration with Zapier) (Click Here to See All Integrations)
Custom HTML Form Integration
Customer Support1 Year1 Year
Money Back Guarantee14 Days30 Days
Lifetime UpdatesIn Lifetime Plan Only

Here, thrive leads claimed to have 39 integration options, but as per their website, we only got 30 integration options. Convert Pro is found with 34 Integration options including Zapier.

Still, both the plugins support all major email marketing services. Support is always an important thing and in both the plugins you are having good support options.

Visual Editor of Both Plugins

No. of templates provided in both the plugins are very different. Still, when we talk about the quality of templates, both the plugins are similar. Thrive leads is having 561 templates and many of them are very similar. Convert Pro is having 62 unique and attractive templates which looks more attractive and converting.

Both the plugins offer you a visual editor which are perfect in their own way. During Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads comparison reviewe, Finding exit from Thrive Leads editor was a little confusing for me. Convert Pro’s visual editor was easy in usage and thrive leads’ visual editor seems congested and unorganized. Here is how their editors look like:

Convert Pro Visual Editor
Convert Pro Visual Editor
Convert Pro Visual Editor
Thrive Leads Visual Editor
Thrive Leads Visual Editor
Thrive Leads Visual Editor

Both the plugins provide 100% design freedom by giving complete control over elements and designing controls to the users. Thrive leads uses HTML and CSS based editor where Convert Pro uses absolute positioning visual editor which is way easier and lets you create optins like powerpoint.

Here is comparison table for these features in Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads:

FeaturesConvert ProThrive Leads
Real Time Editing
Block Based Editor
Absolute Positioning Editor
Drag and Drop Editing
Customizable Templates
100% Design Freedom
Desktop View Editing
Tablet View Editing
Mobile View Editing
Unlimited Visitors
Animation Effects
After Form Messages

Types of Optin Forms

For a website, you need various optin forms. Only a popup is not sufficient. Well, these both plugins offers a variety of optin forms. All major and essential types of popups are given in both the plugins. Both the plugins provide content lockers which are very useful.

Thrive leads provide an asset delivery tool which isn’t available in Convert Pro. Still, this function can be done by redirecting the user to the file download URL and it’ll work same. So, that’s not a big point to discuss.

Convert Pro has taken care of web agencies and freelancers by providing White label option in their plugin. Thrive leads doesn’t provide this option. During Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads comparison test, White Label option was working perfect.

Types of OptinConvert ProThrive Leads
Modal Popup
Post Footer
In Content / Embedded
Full Screen Popup
Scroll Mat
Before / After Post
After Form Actions
Multi-Step Forms
Custom HTML
WPML Support
White Label Option

A/B Testing, Analytics, Triggers and Targeting

Here comes a point where convert pro and thrive leads do have a major difference. A/B testing is one of the essential features which an email optin plugin must have. This helps in optimizing conversion rates by testing different optins. Both Convert Pro and Thrive Leads offer A/B Testing option. The difference comes between these two when we get to analyze which testing optin was best. Both of the plugins offer automatic winner decider between A and B testing optin units.

These are the type of reports Thrive Leads provide directly in your wordpress dashboard:

  • Conversion Reports
  • Conversion Rate Reports
  • Cumulative Conversion Reports
  • Comparison Reports
  • List Growth Reports
  • Cumulative List Growth Reports
  • Lead Referral Reports
  • Lead Tracking Reports
  • Content Marketing Reports

Convert Pro requires integration with Google Analytics to analyse metrics between A/B testing optins. Now, let’s see differences and similarities in comparison table below:

A/B TestingConvert ProThrive Leads
A/B Testing
Different Optin Testing
A/B Testing Triggers
Automatic Winner Decider
Integrated AnalyticsRequires GA
In-Dashboard ReportsLimited
Google Analytics IntegrationThrough 3rd Party Plugins
Triggers & TargetingConvert ProThrive Leads
Exit Intent and SmartExit
Category, Post, Page, Tag Targeting
Targeting by Referral Domain
Time Triggers & Inactivity Triggers
Page Activity & On Click Triggers
AdBlock Detection

Speed and Performance: Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads

Website load time is a very important factor when you are focusing on conversions. If your website is taking time in loading then there are chances that you will miss the visitor before he get’s to see your optin form. So, we decided to take a test of both these plugins on this factors.

During the test, We used same picture in both the optin forms because if we use different picture than it must be having different file size. This is how both the optins looked on website:

Convert Pro Optin - How it Look
Convert Pro Optin – How it Look
Convert Pro Optin – How it Look
Thrive Leads Optin - How it Look
Thrive Leads Optin – How it Look
Thrive Leads Optin – How it Look

And, Here is the catch now. Thrive leads claims to be faster than Convert Pro. But our results says something opposite. Thrive Leads took 3.40 Seconds in loading where Convert Pro took 3.10 Seconds. Find proper time information below:

Convert Pro Page Load Time Details (3.08 Seconds)
Convert Pro Page Load Time Details (3.08 Seconds)
Thrive Leads Page Load Time Details (3.39 Seconds)
Thrive Leads Page Load Time Details (3.39 Seconds)

Conclusion: Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads

Well, there is an article on Convert Pro’s blog which says that it is best alternative to Thrive Leads. So, those who are looking for something else than Thrive Leads can go for convert pro. Convert Pro is a sufficient and unique email optin plugin in its own. Also, Convert Pro outperforms Thrive leads in speed, performance and some other few factors as mentioned in the article above.

Thrive Leads is a good option for those who are having usage of 15 or less websites. And if you are an agency, then you must go with Convert Pro.

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  1. Frankly, I suppose such articles must be published more and more due to the current situation and modern demands of the Millenials. ConvertPro and Thrive Leads are both a very close competitors, so its always quite hard to choose best one out of them. I read them to get some fresh info that will correspond to my requirements.


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