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How to Promote Dating CPA Offers – Advanced Guide (Step-by-Step)

Joining a CPA network is an easy task with networks like Mobidea, AdCombo, Mobipium, etc. But, delivering conversions is not that easy as it looks in videos claiming to earn $10,000s with easy advertising. Dating CPA Offers are comparatively easier to promote as to Nutra and direct sales offers.

Dating CPA Offers are among the best ways to generate a healthy amount of money with advertising through push-ads and banner ads. But, it requires a different approach and not just delivering clicks to the offer. You can’t rely on the quantity of traffic, and your campaign must be well-targeted into the niche.

How to Promote Dating CPA Offers
How to Promote Dating CPA Offers

The best traffic source for promoting Dating CPA offers will be adult websites, but that kind of site and traffic is not easily accessible. Adult content blocking and moral policies make it difficult to access adult traffic. Once you get to learn the actual practices, you can mint a good amount of money.

I decided to write this article because there aren’t many resources and guides about promoting dating CPA offers on the internet. I’ve worked on Dating CPA offers from Mobidea and Mobipium. So, my insights and sharings in this article will help you know everything about dating CPA offers. I am not diving into the basics like what CPA offers are. You can search for that on Google.

What is Dating Business?

Tinder – #1 in the Dating World

What is dating business all about? Dating sites and apps are basically for people who want to… date online. Such people either visit a dating website or a dating app like Tinder. The dating business is more driven from smartphones and less from desktop sites. Many dating sites and applications use bots to increase user population, but these kind of apps and sites are not good to promote for an affiliate. Almost every dating platform uses a similar conversion flow: driving signups and showing limited profiles or another kind of limitation that motivates users to become a paying user.

Why Dating sites are paying affiliate? The logic is simple, they want more users and you know how to drive them more users. This is why they are paying you. Affiliate marketing as a method of business growth significantly helps dating businesses. Dating businesses offer several conversion types that affiliate can choose bbased on their suitability. Here are the types of offers:

SOI Leads (Single Opt-in)

Single opt-in is the easiest conversion flow. You just need to record the email of the user, and it’ll be counted as a conversion. There will be a validation process that will approve or disapprove your conversions. Because no one will pay for emails like “” So, if you are starting with Dating CPA Offers, I would suggest you start with Single Opt-ins. The payout for SOI leads is very low, but also it is the easiest to convert. In this case, delivering high-quantity of conversions will work for you. Make sure that you pick a good offer as most of the SOI offers are low quality.

DOI Leads (Double Opt-in)

As clear by the name, it is the next step of SOI offers. In double opt-in offers, users need to confirm their sign-up by clicking the confirmation link in the email box. So, once the user confirms their subscription, you’ll get the conversion. You can see variations of DOI offers in which they may ask double opt-in as sending a message or uploading their profile picture, or something else. DOI offers are not as profitable as SOI because barely people confirm their subscription. So, only go for DOI if the offering company has good recognition and base of genuine active users.

Revenue Sharing (REVSHARE)

This is the most used and widely available conversion flow, which is used across categories. The concept of REVSHARE is simple. You get paid a particular % of the order value. In dating, let’s say you sold a membership worth $10. you’ll generally receive $4 to $5, which is about 40%-50% of the order value. The more you sell, the more you’ll get paid. REVSHARE dating platforms offer recurring revenue, so you’ll receive a commission every month. I’ve referred a user that renewed the subscription for about 14 months. So, the lifetime commission value of that user was $70 for me as I received 50% of the sale. So, I would advise you to use this conversion flow only with reputed dating sites.

Pay Per Sale (PPS / CPS)

PPS / CPS is one of the most popular conversion flow in which you are paid a specific amount when you deliver a conversion. Pay Per Sale is similar to REVSHARE, but in Pay Per Sale, you are not paid repeatedly. This conversion flow is used by dating sites that know the average life of their paying users. You will be paid somewhere between $25 to $100 in most cases, so it doesn’t matter how long the user pays, but you’ll receive a fixed amount for conversion.

Traffic Acquisition: Quality vs. Quantity

Traffic for Dating CPA Offers
Traffic for Dating CPA Offers | Picture: BuySellAds

To earn a commission, you have to bring traffic to the offer. By traffic, I don’t just mean the quantity of traffic. The traffic you bring must be highly targeted quality traffic. You won’t be getting anything for delivering visitors to the offer page, but only if the visitor converts into the goal of the offer. Also, you must comply with the guidelines of the advertiser. Otherwise, your conversions can be rejected if you work outside the mentioned guidelines of a particular offer. Investing some time in researching the suitable of audience will be a good move. It’ll increase your conversion rate and reduce cost on ad spend.

Promoting dating offers, one can earn high commissions by using the most lucrative sources of traffic. Getting people to click on the advertisement by placing a click-bait is easy but not getting them to sign-up or subscribe to the offer. So, it is important for you to understand how dating websites work and mentality of users behind using a dating offer. This is the reason you need quality traffic, or I would better say high volume quality traffic to make big with CPA Dating offers.

Where to Find a Dating CPA Offer to Promote?

Offer aggregation platforms can help you in finding offers to promote. Most popular offer aggregation platforms are OfferVault, oDigger, and AffBank. These websites are free to use and anyone can access them. Landing Page for Mainstream CPA Offer Landing Page for Mainstream CPA Offer

You’ll find two types of dating offers, first is casual dating, and the other is mainstream dating. So, what does these two dating model means?

Mainstream Dating: People who are looking for a real partner for thier life visits dating sites. This type of dating platform is not suitable for those looking for something other than a long term true love. Such apps and websites are built with a categorization like beliefs, religion, interests, etc. that people look to match with their partner. In today’s time, some apps allow interest filters like traveling, hiking, dog lovers, cat lovers, tall people, short people, etc.

Mainstream dating offers works good with emails, native ads, and social media ads.

Casual Dating: Also known as adult dating, casual dating is for those who are looking for casual sex. The best place to find conversion for such offers is porn/adult websites, as it attracts mostly the male audience. Adult sites hold a mass of such audience. There is no doubt the most popular dating vertical to promote adult traffic is dating verticals. You may get a better payout in casual dating offers. If you think that adult dating offers to receive the best revenue, then let me tell you that both the dating types have an audience for it, and they are winning with that.

How to Promote Dating CPA Offers?

How to Promote Dating CPA Offers?
How to Promote Dating CPA Offers?

Before starting on real campaigns, you must go through a trial phase that we call as pilot testing. It will help you in implementing the strategies and methods you build during research targeting prospects. Research your target audience, campaign interests, age-group, etc. For researching purposes, you can use ad spy tools like PowerAdSpy.

Dating is among a few evergreen verticals, and it is here to stay for long. Competition has increased significantly in the last two years as more and more people are promoting the offers and there is a flood of offers in the market. Lets quickly dive into what dating is so that you can understand what type of dating offers you are promoting and what kind of audience will be suitable for an offer.

Many type of traffic options are available to promote dating offers. You can go with a simple process or build a complicated funnel to promote an offer. Building a complicated funnel will take time and efforts whereas a simple process can be followed by the offer page provided by the advertiser.

Any type of quality traffic can work for dating offers but you must have a landing page for that. In my experience, sending traffic direct to the offer page delivers poor conversion rates. If you are using POP traffic and sending users to the offer page directly, you are using the worst strategy.

Dating is not like other verticals as people are not exactly looking for it. It is a visual vertical that approaches and appeals to people when they see it. So, you cannot promote dating offers efficiently with text ads. Banner ads, native ads, and push ads with images are considered best for dating CPA offers. Dating offers attracts more male audience as compared to females. Using a supermodel for dating campaign will not be a good idea, use images of good looking people but not too hot to handle types. People in today’s time know about the ads claims to offer profiles of super hot models to attract their eye balls.

Right selection of image will decide the success of your campaign. You have to be frequent with more images to promote as dating campaigns spread and burns out quickly especially in casual dating cpa offers.

Dating Ad Example
Dating Ad Example
Dating Ad Example
Dating Ad Example

These are not ad copies, but such images are suitable for dating campaigns and deliver excellent results in mainstream dating campaigns. Whereas, in casual dating, you can use a little bit of appealing and exposed images as casual/adult dating campaigns are focused on everything other than love and relationship.

Take care of angles, in simple words, make sure that if you are using the image of American women in ads, then the landing page must also have pictures of American women. Otherwise, it’ll create confusion and more clicks but fewer conversions.

A lot of advertisers offer review pages and classified style listings, feel free to use them as such pages also converts well. If you are facing some issues with the provided landing page, build one for yourself.

Focus on gaining quality leads because as i said above, quantity alone won’t do any good for your campaign. Serve your ad to older demographics instead of early agers and over-exciting teenagers eager to experience something. Do not promise any freebie in your ad; keep it clean and to the topic.

Please don’t rely on one offer, pick out multiple offers and test them. Not every offer converts good, so checking and testing multiple offers will give you that one multi-bagger offer to work with. Join affiliate networks like Mobipium, Mobidea, etc. or search using Offervault. Don’t go with the direct advertiser at the beginning because you won’t make money from 1 offer along, testing more and more offers will get you more opportunities.

Don’t try to start with TIER-1 countries like US, Canada, UK, etc. These geos are expensive for advertising and often filled with big players in affiliate marketing. So, it won’t be a good place to start with. Focus on TIER-2 and TIER-3 markets.


Thanks for reading this far. I hope that this guide must have helped you in knowing about Dating CPA offers. Now you understand how the entire business work and how you can too get into it. If you have doubts, questions, or any comment, then please leave them in the box below. I love reading and engaging with comments.

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A big NO! Dating is one of the few evergreen verticals in CPA marketing. Dating is a visual vertical, and a lot of people fail in scaling dating offers, and they spread these type of thoughts that something is dead. Dating offers will never go numb, and it is one of the most popular verticals to make money in CPA marketing.

There is no limit on how much you can earn with dating CPA offers. People make as high as $10,000 a day and as low as $0 after spending a decent amount on advertising. The amount of money you make by promoting dating CPA offers depends on how well you know the strategy. If you efficiently and accurately promote dating CPA campaigns, you can make 2 or 3 times more than what you spend on the advertising of the campaign.

There are two types of dating. One is mainstream dating, and second is casual dating. Mainstream dating is for those who are searching for a partner with a life long purpose. Casual dating is for those who are looking for casual sex or flirting but not any kind of relationship of seriousness.

Dating is one of the most popular verticles of CPA marketing. Dating CPAs are offers that let you earn money on every conversion delivered. These offers are ony about mainstream and casual dating. Promoting dating offers is easy, and one can make a healthy amount of money by choosing the right offer and serving it to the right audience.

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