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DesignEvo Review: How to Create an Excellent Logo in a Minute

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The logo is not just the icon at the top of the website or blog but represents the identity of your brand. For example, a tech blog would like to use designing elements (like computer icons) connected to tech to apply their logo. A well-made and meaningful logo has a significant impact on the recognition and the development of the company, which makes it outstanding itself from the competition.

A brilliant logo should contain all the elements of your business because it needs to tell the features of the company visually. But that does not mean it should complicate. On the contrary, it must be simple and recognizable, unique at the same time.

In the past, there were limited options for non-designer to create logos for their business. Startups and bloggers have very few software to choose and this available software was not easy-to-use. Or they had to pay e thousands of dollars for designers to do this job. However, today, we are lucky to have massive alternatives available at different prices to facilitate the creation of a fantastic logo for any new business. Today you will learn DesignEvo Logo Maker in this post.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo Review
DesignEvo Review

DesignEvo is a cross-platform (web-based, Android, iOS, Mac) application that will allow you to create a logo design straightforwardly. It comes with all the editors you’ll need, including custom shapes, fantastic fonts, typography, color combinations and even icon styles. Here are some of  key features that you can expect from this platform.

  • Limited free package available to choose
  • 9000+ professionally designed logo templates.
  • Large collection of resources including 1,000,000 icons, hundreds of fonts and shapes.
  • Download high-quality logos in various formats.

How to make a stunning logo with DesignEvo?

You can follow the steps below to create a unique logo:

DesignEvo is super easy to use for its intuitive interface and robust editors in three stages, namely, choosing a template, Customizing and download it. And below is the detail information on how to use this program to design a stunning logo.

DesignEvo Free Templates
DesignEvo Free Templates

Start from choosing a well-suit template

You can start your logo design with the selection of a template just by clicking on the template displayed. How to find your target template from a wild range of template library?

Entering your keywords, some match templates from 9,000 templates will show to you. Since we want to come to a draft quickly, we decide of course for the start with a template. To do this, we can either scroll through the categories or search.

Also, It would be a good idea to start from scratch, since DesignEvo prepares a solid of the icons and the logo designing principle, “Less is more.”

After selecting a template, it is possible to specify a logo name and a slogan, which will then be placed according to the template. That is not obligatory. We can also start without texts and add it when you customize it or further texts.

Customizing the logo

Now we land in the designing editor webpage in a working environment that is extremely intuitive to use. At the far left, we switch between icon, text, and shape and background separate available elements on the plan.

As icons gallery mentioned before, you can search and add icons from 1,000,000 ones. The same applies to the formatting of text, in the sense of font selection. Even fancy, colored fonts are available.  Even DesignEvo prepared hundreds of delicate fonts to you, still be care your content is attractive and meaningful enough.

If we need additional shapes, such as frames or geometric shapes, such as circles or rectangles, we will find them under the tab named Shape.

Now if all the desired elements on our logo designing canvas, which we can change in size below the pixel itself, processing can begin. By clicking on it, you activate the respective element, whereby above the canvas a toolbar becomes visible, which offers context-dependent on this element meaningful processing possibilities.

Size changes of each element are made simply by dragging on a corner of the element. The rotation is done with the circle symbol at the top edge of the component. Furthermore, we can arrange elements in layers to create overlapping designs. Changing colors using solid base colors or a free color picker is just as much provided as directly applying gradients or manipulating opacity.

Need no further explanation; it is easy to customize your logo with your brilliant creativity.

Clicking the icon Preview at the top of the browser, you can preview and check of our logo on various media, for example as a T-shirt or as a notebook, but also as a business card or website header.

Saving and downloading the logo

After everything is prepared, you could download your works for free with a low-resolution file.

DesignEvo Preview
DesignEvo Preview

Final thoughts

DesignEvo is a very user-friendly online tool. It allows every zero designing experience users could participate in the logo designing with their unlocking creativity. The only con might be it is not completely free and the free logo download have some limitation. But still, it deserves to have a try.

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