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Effective Ways To Earn Or Build Backlinks To Your Website

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The supreme factor in most search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are backlinks or sites that link to your company website. The quality of the traffic that is generated to your website is directly linked to the quality of the backlinks that are linked to your website.

Hence the more quality you have for your links, the more higher you rank on the search engine results and the more will be the quantity of traffic generated to the website.

When a prospective customer uses Google to find a service or product he requires, Google looks in particular to the backlinks of your website to understand how the pages are linked to each other and in what ways they are linked, based on which the website is ranked. While there are a lot of factors that affect ranking and the success of your campaign, backlinks form the core metric for SEO.

According to Adam White, founder of SEOJet, Google continues to move brands to the top of Google results that have an established brand authority. Even though great quality backlinks can be hard to get, there are plenty of ways you can strategize to obtain them easily. Here are a few ways to get good quality backlinks for your website.

Broken-link Building Method

This method is used to create one-way backlinks by contacting a webmaster to report the presence of broken links on their website. You simultaneously recommend links to replace that particular link as well. Among these suggestions, an insert of your own company link is also used. Here, since you are doing a favorite to the webmaster by notifying them regarding the broken link, the chances of obtaining a backlink to your website are high.

Backlinks Through Infographics

The best way to express a statistic is through visual graphics and simple explanations in the form of infographics. These are also one of the most popular methods applied in order to generate organic traffic to your website. The demand for this amazing visual data has increased considerably over the years. Different online publications that are highly reputed, publish numerous influential and popular infographics from all around the blog.

The infographics you choose must be unique and contain an interesting element to grasp the attention of a prospective customer. Following currently trending topics and being aware of what is happening will help you choose the right data to create your infographics with. This is not an expensive method and will also earn a lot of backlinks for the website with ease.

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After you have made the infographics with the help of the right combination of data and resources, you have to publish them across multiple infographic directories to gain backlinks.

Take Advantage Of Guest Articles

Another great way to reach out to more audience is by taking advantage of the facility of guest blogging. There are many reputed websites with high levels of profile visits every day where you can post your article and gain more exposure. If the host website permits links, you may add them as well.

This facility also helps you increase your contacts, leverage your relationships and also expand your audience.

Keeping An Eye On The Competitors

While you strive to gain more organic traffic directed to your website, it is also integral to keep an eye out for what strategies your competitors are employing. Watching the nature of their social media posts, subscribing to newsletters and following them on social media are good ways to keep yourself updated.

Building Internal Links

One of the key factors for running a successful blog are internal links. With a well-structured internal linking system, you can ensure that a user navigates through your website with ease and has an excellent user experience from the website which can cause them to revisit or recommend.

While there are tools to create internal links on the website and blog, it is advisable to do this process manually. The number of internal links may be maintained below 100.

Promoting Your Content

Great methods of promotion are the key to getting your content the backlinks and views it deserves based on quality. You can perform an email campaign as well to promote the best articles on the website. After this is done, you may contact the webmaster as well to introduce the company and service to them.

Writing Testimonials

Another easy method to earn backlinks of good quality is by scripting testimonials for the websites that are used by you. A few minutes spent on this task can lead to earning a link from the concerned authoritative website. If you are a customer of this particular website, the chances are high for you to receive a backlink in exchange for the testimonial.

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