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Elementor Review: Really the Best Page Builder? (2022)

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Hello, Welcome to this Elementor Review. We are going to take a complete tour of Elementor Plugin in this review. In case if you are looking for Elementor Pro Review, You don’t need to go anywhere else. Because we will be talking about both Elementor and Elementor Pro.

Both Free and Pro versions are being used for this review. You can read Elementor pro changelog here. Starting off this elementor review with Introduction then we will proceed with Usage, Features, Pros and Cons, Comparison, Pricing, and Conclusion. So, let’s start with this review right away. Also, don’t forget to tell us your feedback about this review in the comment section at bottom of this article. We will be covering this review with all the features by practically trying them.

Personally, I am one of the fans of Elementor. There are a couple of page builder plugins which I personally use and they are Visual Composer and Elementor. From a long time Visual Composer helped me in creating websites with Drag and Drop and now Elementor is working perfectly for me. Talking about other major page builders, elementor is comparatively the best. Well, let’s see more in this detailed review.

Note:- This review is over to 3600+ words. If you are not interested in reading about elementor in details, then you can directly look at the conclusion or you can see this quick review about elementor given here for you. Don’t forget to take a closer look at features about which you want more information or clarification. Here is a quick review:

  • Price: FREE – $199 Per Year!
  • Users: 5 Million+
  • Extremely Easy to Use User Interface
  • Global Widgets
  • Regular Updates
  • Contact Forms & Email Integrations
  • Plenty of Pre-Built Website Designs
  • Plenty of Post Designs
  • Custom Header & Footer Builder
  • See more at

Elementor Review: What is Elementor?

In simple words, Elementor is a drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress. Elementor allows you to do multiple tasks without using any sort of coding or technical stuff. You just need to use a mouse and you can create an entire website. Here are the things which Elementor offers you:

  • You are getting dedicated and easy to use interface for creating pages, posts and custom post types with various layout options for header and width of the page. This interface can be accessed directly from your WordPress editor where you will see a new button of elementor. This interface will completely change the editing process and makes it very easy for you with advanced features and options.
  • Elementor doesn’t require you to have any kind of coding knowledge to work with. Even beginners can create advanced websites using elementor page builder for WordPress.
  • It is a front-end editor which means you will be having a live preview of all the changes you make to your website. Real-time editing is one of the best things of elementor.
  • You can create any type of layout with Elementor, just you need to make sure that your current theme doesn’t limit you with layout options and compatibility with Elementor.
  • Elementor claims to be working with all major WordPress themes.

This opens a completely new opportunity for those who don’t know anything about coding. Non-Coders can easily create websites now. By creating a website, we don’t mean you can create a normal website, but you will be able to create advanced and dynamic websites.

So far, Elementor has been downloaded for over a million times. Also, we can see this statistic on WordPress. There is a lot more you can experience and create with Elementor. These are some example sites (thumbnails) which was made using elementor pro.

Elementor Sites Example
Elementor Sites Example

Features of Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is a feature rich page builder for WordPress. It comes with plenty of handy and advanced elements which helps you in creating websites. These features include Layout, Workflow, Essentials, Design, Typography, Mobile, Theme Builder, Content, eCommerce, Forms, Integrations, Marketing, Social Media, Templates, Media, User Interaction, and Advanced Modules. OMG ????, It is hard to believe that a page builder is offering these much elements. So, you must have got an idea about what type and level of website you can create using Elementor.

Essential Features: Elementor & Pro

These are probably the features which you get in all major page builders. Let’s see what Elementor is offering here. All the features mentioned here are available in free as well as the paid version of elementor. Only 24/7 Support is the feature which you will get in Elementor Pro.

Drag & Drop Editor

This element is given in all major page builder plugins like Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, etc. But, elementor offers you a real-time editor. The Real-time editor is also available in Visual Composer but that is a little slow. Elementor’s live editor works fast. Here is a screenshot of how Elementor’s live editor looks like:

Elementor: Editor (Real-Time)
Elementor Editor
Elementor Editor

Non-Coders Friendly

As I have worked with visual composer, it allows you to make changes to the layout. For some CSS changes which are not possible by given options in Visual Composer, you need to have little CSS knowledge. But in elementor, there is no need of that too. You can tweak layout, width, and spacing without coding.

Widgets (Free & Pro)

There are 50+ feature-rich widgets in Elementor Pro. In Elementor (Free) you are getting 28 widgets which are enough for creating a basic good looking website. Here is full list of widgets except WooCommerce:

Elementor / Elementor Pro Widgets
Elementor / Elementor Pro Widgets

Mobile & Tablet Editing

Elementor offers you 3 editing options for editor layout. One is desktop, Second is Mobile, and Third is Tablet. This will make sure that your website will be responsive on all the devices and elements should be clearly organized. A lot of page builders lacks tablet editing option. This is where the various editor options are:

Elementor Editors: Desktop, Mobile & Tablet
Elementor Editors: Desktop, Mobile & Tablet

Templates Library

During this Elementor Pro review, we found that there are 40 free templates given in Elementor templates library. You can easily create an attractive and professional websites use this ready to import templates in Elementor. The Number of templates available in premium version is in 100s. Also, there are plugins like Astra starter sites which is available for free and this will add more templates to your library.

Suggested Read: Astra Theme Review

Translation Ready

With over 50 languages, Elementor is the only page builder so far to have the translation ready in so many languages. So, doesn’t matter which language you use or you are comfortable in, you will always find elementor suiting you. The list of languages is growing day by day.

Workflow Features: Elementor & Pro

When it comes to working with a page builder, the workflow is one of those thinks on we should look carefully. Better workflow means, working will be easy with page builder. If workflow options aren’t good then you will have to put a lot of time working on a project. So, here are the workflow features which are offered in the Elementor plugin.

In-Line Editing

It allows you to type directly on the screen. You will be able to type directly on the real-time preview of a page or post. Also, still you can type in the box. So, you can do whatever suits you.

Layer Navigation

Navigator tells you about the element you are working on and helps you in adjusting different elements easily without any problem. You can access navigator by using your right click on the element. Here is an example:

Elementor Navigator
Elementor Navigator

Keybord Shortcuts

These are basically called Hotkeys in elementor. A lot of keyboard shortcuts are given in elementor which you can use to fasten your working process and save time.

Auto Save & History

All the changes and work you do on a webpage using elementor is constantly saved in the back-end. So, you won’t be having any loss of data even when the system shuts down immediately.

Colors & Typography

You can set typography options on your web page so that it will suit your site completely. This is how typography options look like an editor:

Elementor Typography
Elementor Typography

Global Widgets (PRO)

This option allows you to create widgets and save them in elementor library. You can use saved widgets on any page just by using drag and drop. This option is available in Elementor Pro.

Designing Features: Elementor & Pro

Website designing experience with Elementor has been really nice for me and a lot of users. A lot of designing options are given with both Elementor and Elementor Pro. In this elementor review, we’ve practically gone through all these features. Below we have mentioned all the features being offered by Elementor.

Background Gradients, Overlay & Videos

Gradient color backgrounds can easily be added to any post or page with elementor. Also, you can use a video background which is preferred in web pages. Overlays are available in elementor which allows you to put images or content on a background element.

Elementor Canvas

Canvas in elementor is one of the best features. Many times we need different templates for some of the pages of the website. You can also create landing pages by excluding header and footer by using Elementor Canvas.

Typography Features: Elementor Pro Review

Fonts & Colors are one of the most important factors. Elementor has taken care of it and have offered plenty of typography options. You can make changes to colors and fonts of your website with these typography options. So, let’s see what are the typography options given in elementor.

Easy Customization

Changing the font family, font size, font weight, transformation, style, decoration, spacing, and line-height options are very easy with elementor.

Title Tags (HTML)

From SEO point of view, HTML title tags are really important on a page. Well, this feature is common in all the page builders. You can set title tags from H1 to H6 for your posts and pages.

Font Size and Custom Fonts (PRO)

Fonts sizes are in 3 different formats. These three formats are PX (mostly used), EM, and REM. Elementor allows you to use all the formats, so you can scale font sizes as per your convenience. Feeling short on fonts? or Not finding the font you want to use? Don’t worry. In Elementor, you can upload custom fonts. Custom fonts are only available in Elementor Pro. Also, there are 100s of google fonts already given in elementor.

Typekit Integration (PRO)

Integration of Typekit with Elementor allows you to use your custom forms created with Typekit. This is where you can see Typekit integration option in Elementor Pro:

Elementor Pro: Typekit Integration
Elementor Pro: Typekit Integration

Drop Cap & Text Shadow

Many of us have seen paragraphs starting with a big first letter, We call it Dropcap. Dropcap is available in Elementor. Along with it, there is text shadow option also given.

Elementor Review: Layout & Editing Options

The layout of the website matters a lot. Also, maybe you have to change the layout of the website frequently. For this, you need something which is flexible in layout options and easy to use. Elementor gets full marks here. These are the layout and editing options elementor offers you:

Section Width, Height, and Full-Width

In various types of website, the boxed layout doesn’t suit the website. So, you have to go with full-width layouts. Elementor allows you to create full-width layouts. By using section width and section height options, you can adjust the height and width of an individual section on the web page.

Column Width & Gap

Width and gap of columns can be adjusted visually or by manually entering values in dedicated columns. Column gaps are really useful, it helps you in joining or differentiating between two different columns on front-end.

Content Position and Z-Index

Z-Index specifies the order of an element. In elementor, you can adjust any element to front or back by using Z-Index feature. You can adjust the content position in a block or section. There are 9 content positions available which are Top Left, Top Middle, Top Right, Left Middle, Middle, Right Middle, Left Bottom, Middle Bottom, and Right Bottom.

Margin & Padding

Changing margin and padding between elements, section, and blocks is easy in elementor. These settings can be adjusted by using the given option for margin and padding in elementor page builder.

Elements Visibility on Mobile

This is one of the advanced features of Elementor. Usually, we get this feature in landing page software. Elementor allows you to hide or show any element for mobile specifically.

So, these were the features which you are getting in Elementor. We found these features working absolutely fine during our elementor review. Now, let’s talk about Elementor Pro Review. Let’s see what are those PRO features for which you have to pay for a license.

Elementor Pro Review: All Features

Plenty of features are being offered in Elementor Pro. Generally, you are getting 22 more widgets than the free version of elementor. These 22 features are advanced and capable of creating all type of websites. Without putting more time in words, let’s directly start with this Elementor Pro review.

Theme Builder

Elementor Pro: Theme Builder
Elementor Pro: Theme Builder

Use theme elements widget for dynamic placeholders on your web page. Creation of dynamic pages becomes so easy with dynamic elements given in Elementor Pro. Header and footer of the website can easily be customized by using the visual editor. Search results page can now be customized with Elementor Pro. Also, you can integrate custom fields like ACF, Toolset, and Pods. Best thing is that you can do all this with the visual editor. No need of having any knowledge of coding.

Theme Content


Elementor Pro comes with the most advanced menu builder addon. Advanced menu creation is easy with Nav Manu widget. Anyone can make adjustments to the mobile menu and desktop menu visually with Nav Menu. Now you can create custom login pages with Login Form widget in Elementor Pro.

Many times, we need search boxes for the home page. For companies who are providing a lot of services or courses, this is one of the essential features. You can put search boxes by using Search Widget. Portfolio widget is also integrated with Elementor which you can use with just a drag and drop.

Bloggers Here is a solution for an attractive and creative author box. Elementor offers different author box options for your blog.

eCommerce Features & Widgets

Created with Astra Starter Sites (Elementor Template)
Created with Astra Starter Sites (Elementor Template)

eCommerce features and widgets are included in Elementor Pro. These features are not available in Elementor (Free). Price list feature is offered in elementor pro which is useful for creating menu card on the website. For example, a restaurant wants to mention their dishes menu with a price on their website. They can create a menu on the website using the Elementor Pricing menu. Price tables are generally required in websites on which you are offering service. Also, if you are selling an individual product, a pricing table will be required. Elementor pricing table will help you in creating attractive and advanced pricing tables. Here is a preview of how the pricing table will look to users:

Elementor Pro: Pricing Table
Elementor Pro: Pricing Table

WooCommerce products and categories widget are given in plugin. These widgets let you show exact products by filtering them. Other essential features like Cart Widget, Single Page Product, Order Tracking, Checkout Page, etc. are included in Elementor Pro.

Elementor Forms & Integrations

Unlike other page builders, Elementor has taken care of all contact form requirements of users. They have included a wide range of forms which includes Contact forms, Subscription forms, Login forms, Form action after submit, Confirmation Email for visitors who submit the form, HTML / Plain Emails, Custom Messages for Interaction, Date Picker, Hidden Fields for Tracking, Acceptance field for terms and conditions, and Honeypot.

Elementor Integrations
Elementor Integrations

Now, this is the whole new thing which Elementor offers you with forms. You can integrate forms with email marketing services. This means, there is no need to spend extra money on buying an email optin plugin for your website. Everything is pre-included in Elementor. It support marketing services like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, CampaignMonitor, HubSpot, Zapier, donReach, Drip, GetResponse, etc. Some other integrations for different purposes are also included which are Typekit, reCaptcha and Facebook SDK.

Marketing & Social Media

Along with integrations and forms, they have also taken care of your marketing and social media efforts and tasks. Elementor canvas which we mentioned above, will help you in creating landing pages. No more need to create landing pages on 3rd party sites and pay them extra. Own landing pages without any extra charge. Testimonial and countdown widgets are also included for your landing pages and web pages.

Nowadays, Social media has become a very important part of a website. With elementor pro, you are getting all major social media features including Sharing buttons, Blockquotes with Share widgets, Social Icons for Facebook profiles, Facebook posts and videos embedding, Facebook page widget, Facebook comments, and a Facebook button for posts and pages.

For Library, we have already told you about Elementor Library in which you can save templates, import templates and export templates.

Media and Interaction features in Elementor are almost the same which you will get in any other page builder plugin like Visual Composer and Beaver Builder.

Advanced Features (Basically Developer Features)

This section of features includes features which you won’t require frequently. Still, these are some important things which are a benefit if you are having it. Elementor gives you advanced features including Maintainance mode, Developer API, Custom CSS, Version Control, Replace URL, Regenerate CSS, HTML Widget, HTML Tag, Image Size, Role Manager, and RTL Ready. A lot of these features are commonly provided with every major page builder software. Except for the Role Manager, all the features are available in the basic version of Elementor

Note:- All the features mentioned here are practically tried by me while creating this elementor review.

Start with Elementor Today

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Elementor Pro Comparison: Elementor vs. Divi Builder, Visual Composer and Beaver Builder

Talking about the comparison of Elementor with other page builder plugins, elementor is better in many aspects. But, there are some features which are absent in Elementor. Still, Elementor is no doubt the best page builder. So, let’s see what are the features good with elementor and other page builders in comparison.

Elementor vs. Divi Builder

Elementor vs Divi Builder
Elementor vs Divi Builder

The interface of both the page builders is totally different. Elementor gives you sidebar on left from where you can access all the widgets and drop them to the visual editor. Here, Divi offers you both Front and back-end editor. Using Divi’s visual editor will be preference. In usage, I still feel that Elementor is quite comfortable in working. Divi is also easy to use. So, in the case of interface, it is your personal preference. Both the page builders give you a very good working environment with drag and drop editor along with real-time editing.

Divi builder is only available in the paid version where Elementor is also available for free. So, for those who don’t want to spend money, elementor is the only option for you.

If you are going to edit pages with CSS, then Divi provides better Custom CSS options. Elementor allows you to create and save your layout templates, where Divi only allows you to create available templates.

Custom headers and footers are only available with Elementor. Divi doesn’t let you do anything like this.

Elementor vs. Visual Composer

Elementor vs Visual Composer
Elementor vs Visual Composer

In elementor, you don’t get a back-end editor. Though the majority of people uses front-end visual editor, having a back-end editor is always a plus point. Elementor is no doubt having a better interface also the faster from the visual composer. Visual Composer doesn’t support in-line editing. In this segment, elementor is a clear winner.

In terms of offering widgets and add-ons, visual composer offers over 200 widgets for page creation where elementor offers 50 widgets. Visual Composer clearly wins in this segment with a wide range of add-ons. Both the plugins provide also same styling option which is accessible through settings icon on any element. Library of templates in elementor is almost 3x of the library of the visual composer. Also, the visual composer also offers you specific element templates instead of complete designs.

Overall, elementor is a clear winner between elementor vs visual composer.

Elementor vs. Beaver Builder

Elementor vs Beaver Builder
Elementor vs Beaver Builder

The only difference between the interface of elementor and beaver builder is a sidebar. In elementor, you are getting a sidebar along with live editor where beaver builder offers you a plus (+) icon on top from where you can choose widgets and add-ons. Beaver builder and elementor, both are offering visual editor with In-line editing.

A number of widgets provided in both the plugins different. Beaver builder comes with 30 modules and elementor comes with 50 modules. 3rd party plugins are available for both the plugins. When we talk about styling options, both of these are having custom CSS and javascript option. Along with custom CSS and Javascript, both the plugins are responsive. Templates are available in elementor and beaver builder. Elementor offers 100s of pre-made templates but compared to it, beaver builder offers very less number of templates which are about 50. Beaver builder is comparatively affordable option here. For developers, beaver builder is preferred and for designers, we suggest you go with elementor

Elementor Pros and Cons

This is a brief about what I loved about elementor and what I hated. Being unboased, here are elementor pros and cons:

Pros of Elementor

  1. Free.
  2. Open-Source.
  3. Easy to Use.
  4. Impressive range of features along with large variety of 3rd party addons available.
  5. Allows you to build custom templates and save them in library.
  6. Elementor Canvas let’s you create landing pages.
  7. Mobile, Desktop and Tablet editing options.
  8. You can rollback plugin version.

Cons of Elementor

  1. You can’t change style of links.
  2. CSS in elementor basic have bugs.
  3. Custom fonts usage is bit laggy.

Pricing of Elementor / Elementor Pro

After being done with the Elementor Review, it’s time to talk about the pricing of elementor. Free and paid, both versions are available. For elementor pro, they are having 3 different pricing options. You can choose any plan depending on your need. These are the pricing plans you can buy:

Elementor vs Beaver Builder
Elementor vs Beaver Builder

30 Days money back guarantee is available on all the plans with no question asked policy. You can make payment with MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover and Paypal. On renewals, they are offering a 25% discount.

Conclusion of Elementor Review

After this review, there is no doubt that elementor pro is best page builder plugin for WordPress out in the market. Also, Elementor is best free page builder available. Loaded with rich-features, Elementor wins against all the premium page builder plugins. We have also compared it with Divi, Visual Composer and Beaver builder in this elementor review.

Elementor is first open source page builder for WordPress. So, if you are looking for a page builder for WordPress, Elementor is made for you. Go for it.

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