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Desktop vs. Mobile : Facebook Advertising Techniques

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Mobile advertising has grown rapidly over recent years. Especially on facebook. People are moving towards the mobile version of facebook as it can be accessed easily from anywhere with the help of  a mobile device. Mobile site of facebook also seems to be giving more ease and accessibility to the users. As per the Quarter 2 of 2016 announcement of facebook’s earning, it was mentioned that the 81% of the organization’s earnings are from mobile platforms. In current phase of time, you must have an mobile dedicated thinking to reach to the large audience available on mobile platform.

Facebook 2nd Quarter 2016 Report Highlights :

  • Facebook Mobile ads was launched in 2012 and in current time it holds the 95% revenue of Facebook total ads revenue.
  • Out of the 1.71 billion facebook users, 92% which are 1.57 billion are mobile users.
  • Number of daily active members from mobile is 1.03 billion on average, which is constantly showing 22% increase every year.
  • Monthly active users from mobile devices are increasing by 20% every month.

So, lets start with the Complete guide of Facebook Advertising Techniques & Strategies : Mobile vs. Desktop


Since, facebook has launched mobile ads in 2012, they have developed a robust mobile advertising platform. In facebook’s quarter 2, 2016 earnings announcement report, facebook ads have played an very important role. Mobile advertising had shown part of 84% of revenue in advertising earnings and 81% share in total revenue of facebook.

During all this, facebook desktop ads and payments had been flat and shown no ups and downs.

As facebook have 1.03 million active mobile users every day, their mobile ads been a great success. The major factor of success have been the design of the mobile website and its loading speed. It has given a very good user interface and ease to the users.

You maybe thinking about what are the advantages and disadvantages of advertising on mobile and desktop. So the below given graph will clear your this doubt.

Have a look at the Facebook’s Cross Device Conversions Over Time report till Q2, 2016 :

Facebook Q2 2016 Report || Source : Facebook
Facebook Q2 2016 Report || Source : Facebook

Advertising Strength of Desktop vs. Mobile

Desktop Advertising Strengths

  • Suitable for getting undivided attention of user.
  • Provides better visibility to rich media content and long content.
  • Suitable to campaigns which requires user to fill out information on a separate landing page.

Driving Website Traffic and Conversions with Desktop Advertising

You can use custom audiences to target people who have already visited your website or have been your e-mail subscriber.

  • Target leads, prospects and clients with relevant messages.
  • Test multiple images, as people have shorter attention span on desktops.
  • Use lookalike audiences and target the campaign to similar audiences.
  • Target your campaigns to your fans, they are cheaper and givers almost 3x CTR.

Mobile Advertising Strengths

  • Great for those brands and companies who are able to engage with their audiences very quickly.
  • Suitable to driving traffic on Micro niche sites and landing pages.
  • Helpful for CTA campaigns suitable to mobile screen sizes.

Driving Website Traffic and Conversions with Mobile Advertising

One of the biggest and most common mistake people makes is choosing same images for mobile and desktop images. Sizes and visibility region is less on mobile, so you must take care of this and choose images accordingly. if you are using image with less content or content in center then you can use same images on desktop and mobile. But it is always recommended that you use images respectively.

You must have a responsive website and also give people to login option with facebook, twitter, google+ etc. to make signing up easy on your website.

Raising Brand Awareness : Mobile vs. Desktop Advertising

Raising Brand Awareness with Desktop Advertising

  • Instantly boost your posts which are getting good organic reach in real time to maximize your reach.
  • Posts, which are showcasing your products and important updates must be promoted to gain maximum awareness.
  • If you are using a video content, then you must give a clear CTA at the end of video to direct viewers to desired and appropriate page.

Raising Brand Awareness with Mobile Advertising

  • Post your videos natively on facebook. A video posted on facebook will get a lot better response than a post directing to watch that video on youtube or any other platform.
  • Video are better playable and visible on mobile as compared to desktops.
  • Keep your video short an rich in graphics.
  • No Need to put a HD or Full HD Video on facebook, as 480p video is sufficient for mobile devices.
  • Use location based targeting if your post is related to a particular region.

So, the mobile platform is most suitable platforms and also easily accessible by users. You can also run and ad on desktop and make a mobile campaign to support that. This will be the best way of getting maximum reach.

After running an mobile campaign, run an ad on desktop using custom audiences. According to the facebook, people who showed interest in mobile ads, more than 32% of them converts on desktop.

Cross Device Conversions over time
Cross Device Conversions over time

Post Videos Natively and Promote Them

Videos are always pays off the promotions. Native videos are able to gain more reach as compared to any other type of post formats.

According to the facts, videos are promoted more than photos. 27% of videos are promoted where only 17% of the photos are promoted on facebook. Here are few more reasons for you to promote videos and tips about them :

  • Facebook auto-plays your videos, make your videos visually appealing from start of the video.
  • Try to include a dialogue at the start of video, so if people are interesting in that dialogue then they’ll probably turn on the sound. People who are watching videos from more than 5% of the time of video will stay for longer.
  • Sharing is one of the most influential factor for getting organic reach. Make your content as sharable as you can make it. It’ll get you a lot of serious brand awareness and trust.
Average Organic Reach
Average Organic Reach

Driving Online Sales : Desktop vs. Mobile Advertising

Driving Online Sales with Desktop Advertisements

  • Remarket your ad campaign to your website visitors or people who have not completed a purchase.
  • Desktop is a better option as it more likely to attract user from newsfeed.
  • Offer special deals along with the discounts and target your fanbase.
  • Pay attention to the frequency of ad being shown to people to make sure that people do see same ad often.

Driving Online Sales with Mobile Advertisements

  • You must have a responsive design and website.
  • Try to get people’s feedback that they want to have an app or they are comfortable with your website.
  • Use mobile advertising ids – Android, Apple, Facebook App.
  • If you are running an physical business, then target people who are near to your business.

Simulate Local Store Sales : Desktop vs. Mobile Advertising

Simulating Local Store Sales with Desktop Advertisements

To drive in-store sales from desktop advertisements, you should target your website audience, fanbase and newsletter audience to get a better conversion rate.

Simulating Local Store Sales with Mobile Advertisements

  • Target your nearby audience and offer them some additional valuel.
  • You can use offer ad format to show it as a One-time-only offer.
Facebook Carousel Ads
Facebook Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads drive 20%-50% low conversion cost. It is more attractive and also converts more.

Drive New App Intalls with Facebook Advertising

Drive App Installs with Desktop Ads

  • If your application is available on facebook then use facebook ads for desktop to drive valuable traffic.
  • Use bright and attractive images to catch eyeballs.
  • Videos are great source of getting app installs.
  • Make ad images and content relevant to the audience you are targeting.

Drive App Installs with Mobile Ads

  • Use mobile targeting and leverage through audience network which will show your ad on 3rd party websites too.
  • Try different ad creatives on different audiences to know the best for your campaign.
  • Try A/B testing with Auto Play Video Ads and Click to Play video ads.
  • Use carousel ad format.

You can incentivize your users by offering them discounts when they refer someone to your app or somethign else in value.

Get More Likes for Your Fanpage

Get More Likes with Desktop Ads

  • You should test a lot of images to on desktop because people have a small span of attention oon desktops.
  • Make sure to target lookalike audience.

Get More Likes with Mobile Ads

  • Use ultra clear images on mobile ads, you can try out including people’s faces because they work great.
  • Keep your text content short and attractive.
  • Must target your ad to young generation.

So it’s complete now. This was the complete guide for Facebook ads with comparison of Desktop and Mobile Ads. Hope it help you.

Do leave comments, feedback, suggestions and questions. I would love to engage in them.

Have a nice time ahead.

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