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Flywheel Hosting Review: Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed web hosting promises a better experience in comparison with shared web hosting platforms. If you have a good budget to invest on hosting and you are also going to use wordpress, then the question arrives which one to choose. There are many managed wordpress hosting companies in market, but you need to make sure to go with the best one. To help you out, we are here with this flywheel hosting review for managed wordpress hosting.

Flywheel is one of the most popular and solid wordpress managed hosting provider available in market currently. There are plenty of things which will easily show you why flywheel is among the best managed wordpress hosting providers. They offer a set of quality features for both wordpress end users and agencies. But in this flywheel hosting review, we will find out that does it fit in your unique needs? or not. So, let’s start with this.

Flywheel Hosting Review

Flywheel is very well known as one of the best managed wordpress hosting provider. Apart from this feature of flywheel hosting, there are plenty of other options which makes it best in class. Flywheel is known as widely preferred tool for freelancers and agencies. So, if you are looking for hosting solution for your web design business or development business then you should go with flywheel hosting.

Flywheel Hosting Features

Well, we are going to take you through all the features of flywheel hosting. This will make you understand their services and features better. We have used flywheel hosting before writing this flywheel hosting review. Here is what flywheel has to offer to their customers.

Optimized Dashboards

Flywheel is offering you a completely customized and more handy to use dashboard. You will be getting access to a more organized and managed dashboard for managing all operations easily with flywheel hosting.

One Click Site Staging

With the help of staging technology, you can test changes on your wordpress website with just a click.

Daily Backups

For a better peace of mind, flywheel makes regular backups during night. So, you don’t have to face any loss of data or any other inconvenience.

Hands-On Security

With flywheel hosting, you don’t need to care about using security plugins for your website. You are backed with all security features from flywheel, focus on work and leave security on flywheel.

Overall, flywheel keeps up it’s reputation as one of the best wordpress managed hosting provider. Other than these features, let’s see how the support of flywheel hosting works.

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Flywheel Hosting Review – Customer Support

Coming on customer support, flywheel works well and good. Flywheel supports various channels of customer help and support. These support channels includes email, phone, ticket system, social media and most importantly live chatting. During our flywheel hosting review, we tried testing it out. Here is a basic screenshot of live chat support. Chat frequency and response time was good and the person asisting me was well knowledged. Here is screenshot:

Flywheel Hosting Review – Live Chat Support
Flywheel Hosting Review – Live Chat Support

We had a really nice experience with flywheel hosting support team. They helped us with our wordpress related questions and solutions was accurately provided. If we talk about documentation to their products, flywheel has a base of 100 articles which are regularly updated with latest information. These articles covers all the information from technical to billing related stuff. Chances of getting your issue resolved instantly is pretty high with flywheel hosting.

Performance of Flywheel Hosting

As being a managed wordpress hosting provider, flywheel takes performance seriously. Performance is the most considerable factor from a customer point of view, so if performance is good, people will choose it without worries. So, flywheel has taken care of their hosting servers. As being a hosting provider which only hosts wordpress websites, flywheel has tuned their servers for wordpress websites. So, wordpress website will be running extraordinarily fast on their servers. Here are few features relating to the performance of flywheel hosting which you must know about. Have a look at them below:

  • WordPress Optimized: Flywheel hosting servers are tuned for wordpress platform. All the tuning is done according to the wordpress platform so every site will run fast and efficient on their servers.
  • Customized Caching Engine: They have made a custom caching engine for wordpress websites. So the caching will be well and good for all websites hosted on it.
  • Free CDN: As we know CDN (Content Delivery Network) works to improve performance of website. Flywheel has partnered with MaxCDN to provide free CDN to its customers.

Apart from these, another best thing about flywheel hosting is that it is having servers all around the globe. Here are few locations where they have their servers located:

  • New York, USA
  • Atlanta, USA
  • Dallas, USA
  • San Francisco, USA
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • London, UK

Well, in written these all features and specialities sounds great, now we decided to check them out in reality. Let’s see how it performed.

Flywheel Page Speed Test with Pingdom

During our flywheel hosting review, we tested themes websites with pingdom. We tried testing their servers from different locations. Here are results which we got while testing:

  • New York: 2.20 Seconds
  • Stockholm: 0.59 Seconds
  • Melbourne: 1.36 Seconds

The website which we tried testing on pingdom was hosted on a server in new york. This is the reason you are seeing differences in results above. Except the melbourne server, everything was good with their hosting performance on pingdom. Now, lets go through another test and check it’s performance.

Basic Load Test with Load Impact

To measure the performance of flywheel hosting servers in more pressure and load of traffic, we decided to take a load test of their servers. We used Load Impact service to test servers. Only quality servers performs well under critical situations. In this test flywheel servers was fared with upto 25 concurrent users loading the websites.

  • Load Generator: Ashburn, USA
  • Test Server: Ashburn, USA
  • Minimum Response Time: 0.15 seconds.
  • Maximum Response Time: 1.19 seconds.
Load Impact – Flywheel Hosting Review
Load Impact – Flywheel Hosting Review

Apart from load of 25 concurrent users, flywheel held steady at under 0.2 seconds during entire stress test. The results were really impressive and good, after this test we must say that flywheel hosting is really among the best managed wordpress hostings.

Flywheel Hosting Plans & Pricing

They have designed their prices to cater both to business owners and freelancers along with taking care about agencies. They offer a wide range of offerings, in this review we’ll be taking you through their plans:

  • Tiny ($15 per month): This plan is good for starter websites and blogs. You will be able to entertain 5000 visits monthly on this plan. You will get 5GB disk space, 250 GB bandwidth, Free SSL, and many fancy features.
  • Personal ($30 per month): Personal plan is good for grown up businesses, you can easily manage upto 25,000 visits monthly. Along with this you will get 10 GB disk space, 500GB of hard disk, Free SSL, Free Site Stagging and access to all fancy feaatures.
  • Professional ($75 per month): Professional plan is best for websites which are getting high traffic. You can manage 1,00,000 monthly visits on this plna along with you will get 20 GB Disk space, 1TB bandwidth, Fee SSL, Free CDN, Free multisite, Free staging site and access to all fancy features.

All the plans and pricing mentioned above only supports single website installation each. Flywheel is no doubt expensive, but in exchange of this price they are offering a great value for price services. You need very less management when working with flywheel hosting. Everythign is already managed from their end. If you want your website to run perfectly fine for customers then paying this amount is not a big deal.

Pros and Cons of Flywheel Hosting

Here we will be wrapping up this flywheel hosting review. But, before wrapping it up, we would like to give you a short about good and bad of their hosting service. You will be able to make your buying decision after reading this.

Pros of Flywheel Hosting

  • A great suite of WordPress dedicated features and security.
  • Amazing customer support.
  • Fast, reliable and stable performance.
  • Advanced and highly usefuul features for agencies and freelancers.

Cons of Flywheel Hosting

  • As compared to competitors, flywheel is an expensive affair. Specially when you are looking to host multiple websites, it is costly.


Concluding this flywheel hosting review, there are many alternatives available to flywheel but honestly none of them is able to match the quality it gives you. If you have a good budget then you must go with flywheel for unscalable and seamless performance. Flywheel is definitely worth considering for managed wordpress hosting.

In case you are having any doubt, then you can easliy ask us in comment section below, we’ll get back to you shortly. Thanks!!!….

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