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Best Full-Service Linux Hosting for Your New Website (HostPapa it is)

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Whether you are looking to host a small website or a large project, Linux is the first thing comes in the mind of a developer or webmaster. Why the developer or a webmaster only? Well, basically because they know the importance of security and who else does it better than Linux (a Full-Service Linux hosting is the choice).

So, what you need is a full-service Linux hosting company. There are a lot of companies offering full-service Linux hosting but not all of them are promising quality and true support. HostPapa is a well known hosting company for its values and green hosting services.

Full-Service Linux Hosting Company
Full-Service Linux Hosting Company

Well, in most of the cases, people don’t look at what type of hosting they are buying. Whether it is a window hosting or a Linux hosting, people don’t care if the hosting needs are simple. They just look at the specifications and features they are being offered.

Operating systems are not even mentioned in hosting plans of most of the hosting providers. If you are a technical user, you know more about the operating system and it’s importance while choosing a hosting. Complex websites require full control with hosting which is only offered in Linux operating system.

Why HostPapa is One of the Best for Full-Service Linux Hosting Solution ?????

➤ Secure and advanced open source database options.
➤ Optimized servers for fast website speed.
➤ Best linux tools with one-click install options.

The best thing about HostPapa’s Linux hosting is that you don’t need to be a technically strong person to work with it. To develop your revolutionary software or website, you just need to grab a full-service Linux hosting plan from HostPapa and you are done. Best Linux tools are included in all plans for free so you can access them right away.

HostPapa is a leading web hosting company. Along with being a full-service linux hosting provider, it provides hosting plans in all ranges and requirements. It’s a professional linux hosting provider which delivers high level of power and controls over your hosting.

CloudLinux OS is the number 1 Linux hosting platform for hosting providers used by HostPapa. They run CloudLinux on their shared hosting servers also variations of CentOS to improve the user experience for right resources allocation and enhanced experience in shared hosting environment. Cloud Linux helps HostPapa in enforcing its unlimited storage policy. Providing so much of features, they also offer all of this at a very reasonable price. Let’s quickly look at their pricing plans:

HostPapa Linux Hosting Pricing & Plans
HostPapa Linux Hosting Pricing & Plans

People from all around the globe are using HostPapa and a lot of them say that the performance has been beyond their expectations. This company takes your hosting needs seriously and that is why they have partnered with leading tools and have integrated the best technologies for your better experience. HostPapa’s full-service Linux hosting is not only safe but fast-loading and easy to use, and the best thing is that you don’t need to pay anything extra for it.

HostPapa Rated 9.0 out of 10.0 on HostAdvice
HostPapa Rated 9.0 out of 10.0 on HostAdvice

9.0 ratings on HostAdvice show that how most customers are satisfied with HostPapa. This 9.0 rating is an average of over 400 reviews on HostAdvice. So, 400+ people can’t be wrong.

Let’s Quickly have a FAQ Session, Because I know you have questions in mind ????

What is Linux Web Hosting?

As we all know, every computer machine runs over an operating system. For example, Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu, etc. Linux is the most secure operating system. Linux is also popular for its free availability of multiple versions and it consumes fewer resources as compared to Windows operating system. cPanel is the most popular control panel for hosting and it runs on Linux.

What is the Difference between Linux and Windows Hosting?

Honestly, both the OS have their advantages and disadvantages. Linux works best for PHP and MySQL applications like WordPress, Zen Cart, phpBB, etc. Windows works best for technologies such as ASP, .NET, MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.

Will my Linux hosted website be accessible on Windows OS?

Yes, Choice of hosting is for you only. All the users from all platforms will be able to access your website. Whether you use Linux or Windows, people from all OS will be able to access your website in the same manner.

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