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Honest Instapage Review: Create High Converting Landing Pages

Creating an optimized and good looking landing page is indeed a hard task. Especially when you don’t know how to create it or if you don’t know how to code it. In the present time, we have a lot of landing page creation software available in the market which works as the solution to the problem of creating landing pages. Instapage is one of them and is really among the leading landing page creation software. In this Instapage review, we’ll give you an in-depth look into this software and how good it is for you.

Using dedicated landing page creation tools is really necessary for the current time. A few years back where there were not many competitors, every business was fine with their normal pages working as landing pages. But, in the current scenario when there are so many competitors, you have to make your business look professional, unique and business of quality from every aspect. Landing pages play a very important role in acquiring and convincing customers for your business.

If you decide to go with a designer and pay him a whole bunch $$$ of money for every single page then it is fine, but people used to do this years ago when there wasn’t any solution available for it. Now, you have tools like Unbounce, LeadPages, Instapage which lets you create beautiful and high converting landing pages with just drag and drop. You don’t even need to write a single line of code.

So, without taking more time, let’s directly start with Instapage Review in which we will cover all its features, merits, demerits, and other factors. Here we go……

Instapage Review – What it is? What does it do?

Instapage is an online tool which is designed to create dynamic landing pages within minutes. You don’t need to have any type of coding knowledge in order to work with Instapage. It comes will all the major and minor features like pre-built templates, responsive design, A/B testing, Mobile layout designers, Conversion tracking, Apps Integrations, and a lot more features.

Let’s have a quick look into features provided by Instapage in their landing page software:

  1. InstaBlock Drag and Drop Editor – This is a super cool feature of Instapage, you can drag and drop elements exactly where you want it.
  2. Customizable Templates – You are getting access to library of 200+ pre-built professional templates which you can also customize depednding on your needs.
  3. Widgets – Instapage comes with all necessary widgets you need for creating a landing page like Headings, Buttons, Shapes, Social Buttons, and many more.
  4. AMP Landing Pages – This is something we all was waiting from a long time. AMP pages are mobile optimized and can easily be accessed on mobile even on a slow internet connection. You can create AMP landing pages which opens in less than a second.
  5. Advanced Form Builder – You can easily create advanced forms which include normal forms, condition based forms, and multi-step forms using Form Builder given in Instapage. Also, you can integrate forms with Email Marketing providers like ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, GetResponse and more.
  6. Application Intergrations – No matter for what you are using Instapage, you can always connect with other applications such as CRMs, Marketing Automation Softwares, Email Marketing Softwares, Analytic Tools, and more.

InstaPage vs. WordPress Page Builders – How InstaPage is Different?

After reading the features of Instapage, you might be wondering that why to use Instapage instead of page builder plugins available on WordPress like Elementor, Thrive Architect, Visual Composer, and Beaver Builder.

Well, Page builders are not made with the purpose of landing pages but to create an entire website. InstaPage is focused on creating landing pages. You will see a lot of plugins offering landing page templates but still, these templates won’t be sufficient because the focus is not on creating a landing page. Also, analytical features are good with Instapage than any WordPress based page builder.

Instapage offers you ease of accessing and managing all the landing pages from one panel. With WordPress, you will have to purchase the plugin, hosting and then the manual work and also at some places you may need to buy other 3rd party plugins. Even after that, you will face integration problems.

WordPress plugins use a block-based editor which limits your creativity where Instapage lets you freely place elements so that you can create truly creative landing pages.

Laning Pages created with Instapage are completely optimized and complies with all the google guidelines. With WordPress, you will have to do optimization manually and even then there will be issues with the speed. AMP landing pages are something which is not possible with WordPress so far. InstaPage is the only software to offer AMP Landing Pages feature.

Let’s take a Drive into Reality – InstaPage Hands-On Review

During this review, we have used InstaPage and based on that, we will be sharing each and everything about this landing page creation software. We’ll practically go through its features and claims step-by-step. So, let’s get started with it.

Creating Your First Landing Page

When you log in to your account, on the dashboard you will see two options. One will be of creating a page and one will be of creating a group. Create a page simply means that you are going to create a landing page. Groups are basically for those who are building pages for different projects or websites. So, a group will contain various landing pages. Groups are very helpful in keeping landing pages organized and easily accessible. This is where you will see these two options:

Landing Pages and Group Options
Landing Pages and Group Options

Selecting the options to create a landing page, we are starting with landing page creation. A pop-up will open and ask you what type of landing page you want to create, a standard landing page or an AMP landing page. You can select as per your requirements. We are choosing a standard landing page. Now, at the second step, you will be asked to choose a template. There are over 200 templates available in their library where you can select to go with Blank or any other pre-made template. During our testing, we’ve decided to go with “Seshapp landing page”. Just give a name to your landing page and you are good to go. This is how the landing page looked:

InstaPage Editor
InstaPage Editor

InstaPage Features and Elements

When you get to the editor, you will see a lot of elements of InstaPage which are given to help you in creating landing pages. Also, they have included some unique features over there about which we will be talking here. This is how the elements/widgets/features panel will look:

InstaPage Widget Bar
InstaPage Widget Bar

So, let’s quickly start with each element and its uses along with how well it will be working for you.


In January 2018, Instapage introduced InstaBlocks as one of the greatest features of Instapage. It was basically introduced to improve the performance of your ads by saving cost and delivering better performance. Instapage is used to build post-click landing pages. You can create and save custom blocks with InstaBlocks and access them at any other landing page. You can quickly create landing pages using Instablocks. So, you can save your time on creating the same content on various pages. Just create a block, save it, and use it anytime on any page. Instapage claims that there is no other landing page software which offers this functionality.

Free Stock Photos & Youtube Videos

InstaPage has given a section of free stock photos which you can use on your landing pages without any issue or limitation. You will get this option when you click on Images, there you will see this tab written as “Free”. This is a useful feature as you don’t have to go on any other website looking for images for your landing pages.

Youtube videos can easily be placed on the landing page by using videos widget given on Instapage widget bar. Just paste the URL of the video and you will get your video on the landing page. You can also set whether you want to auto-play the video or manual.

Advanced Forms Builder

A form is one of the most important parts of a landing page. When it comes to form builder on Instapage, they have really done a great job. You can easily add a form to your landing page by dragging form widget from widget bar. They have given everything you need with a from. See this for reference:

InstaPage Widget Bar
InstaPage Widget Bar

Buttons and form style options are just given to customize the style of your form. Using the submission option, you can set whether you want to redirect the user after form submission, or if you want to deliver a digital asset after form submission. By using integrations, you can directly sync form data with your email marketing software. Last but not least, Multi-step form provides a great value to landing pages.

There are also other features like timer, social sharing buttons, shapes, and custom HTML.

Creating Mobile Landing Pages with InstaPage

Mobile optimized landing pages can easily be created with InstaPage. Using the toggle button given on top, you can easily switch to mobile editor. Your landing page will automatically be converted to a mobile page, and after doing some tweaks on the page, your mobile-optimized landing page will be ready.

A/B Testing of Landing Pages

Both the plans come with unlimited A/B testing feature. You will get A/B testing feature on left top of the editor. A/B testing is a really important part during the beginning of a campaign. By doing A/B testing, you will be able to get the best performing landing page for your campaigns.

This feature will let you create 2 different versions of the landing page and then it will get you the best performing page based on performance.


Well, if you don’t know about heatmaps then let me tell you. Heatmaps are really helpful in knowing about activity of visitors on your landing pages. It will tell you exactly where your visitors are interaction on your page. A heatmap will look like this:

Instapage Heatmaps
Instapage Heatmaps

The places you see with slightly dark red color are the most clicked areas by your visitors on the page. You can know in seconds that what are the places on your page where visitors are interacting.

Application Integration Options

Other than split testing, Instapage makes it easy to integrate analytics into your landing pages so that you can track your visitors. You can track conversions by using inbuilt reports and you can also integrate pages with Google Analytics. Along with Google Analytics, you can integrate it with Facebook Pixel, Tag Manager, and Email Marketing Softwares.

Publishing Landing Pages

After finishing with creating landing pages, you can publish it on various platforms like Custom Domain, Facebook Page, WordPress, Drupal, and Demo Page. They also have a WordPress plugin which makes it easy to manage landing pages directly from your WordPress dashboard.

How much you have to Pay for all these Awesome Features?

Pricing is obviously a deciding factor while making a choice. Instapage is no doubt one of the most expensive landing page softwares available in market.

Core plan of Instapage costs you $99 per month when bought yearly and $129 per month when you opt. to pay a monthly charge. You can also go for an enterprise plan where you can customize it according to your need and pay the price accordingly.

Conclusion of Instapage Review

After the review, we must say it is definitely the best landing page builder but the pricing is high. Being an expensive option, it also offers quality and accessibility to users. Instapage is easy to use and anyone can use it without any advanced computer knowledge.

A/B testing and Heatmaps are some awesome features which InstaPage offer. Also, form builder is really advanced and capable of creating all type of forms. Publishing options are also good, you can publish your landing page anywhere.

Instapage is a highly creative and strong solution for landing page creation and this is why it is an expensive tool.

Pros of Instapage

  • Heatmaps
  • A/B Testing
  • Instablocks
  • Advanced Forms
  • Editor
  • Integration Options

Cons of Instapage

  • Pricing is High
  • There are some gliches in Editor while saving a landing page

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