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LiquidWeb Black Friday Sale 2021 – 70% Discount on All Plans ????????‍????

Currently Live Offers for LiquidWeb Sale:
Product Deal
Dedicated Hosting: Free 2X RAM
VPS Hosting: Free 100 GB Backup
Shared Hosting: 66% Discount

The most awaited once in a year black friday sale is coming on 26th of November 2021. During this global shopping event, all big and small brands will be offering crazy discounts to their customers. LiquidWeb black friday sale (click here to activate 70% discount) will be live 1 or 2 days earlier than black friday which is on 26th November. Including LiquidWeb, a lot of companies will be offering discounts.

To make this discount easily accessible and claimable for you, we’ve curated all the deals from LiquidWeb and put them in the table below. Almost all products and plans of LiquidWeb will be on sale with heavy discounts. Check below in the table for best LiquidWeb discount on your desired plan and product.

Product Discount Coupon How to Get Discount?
Managed WordPress Hosting 66% CYBERSPECIAL20 Grab Deal Now
Dedicated Hosting 66%Click Here Grab Deal Now
VPS Hosting 70%Click Here Grab Deal Now
Dedicated Cloud Hosting 33%Click Here Grab Deal Now
Private Cloud Hosting 33%Click Here Grab Deal Now
Managed WooCommerce Hosting 50% CYBERSPECIAL20 Grab Deal Now

LiquidWeb Black Friday – Upto 70% OFF

LiquidWeb Black Friday Sale / Cyber Monday
LiquidWeb Black Friday Sale / Cyber Monday

Black friday is the best time to do yearly shopping especially digital marketing tools, software, and hosting plans. We’ll take you through all the LiquidWeb black friday deals available this year for you. Also, we’ll be discussing LiquidWeb like how it the performance and all. No doubt, LiquidWeb is a quality web hosting company and even one of the few premium hosting companies. Known for its fast speed and highly secure servers, It has gained a lot of trust and brand value in the past few years.

What are LiquidWeb Black Friday Deals?

A lot of you may be wondering why there is no offer on shared hosting plans. LiquidWeb doesn’t offer any shared hosting plans as this is a managed hosting company which focuses on advanced solutions. Checkout LiquidWeb black friday plans and LiquidWeb cyber monday plans to grab up to 70% discount on their plans during the coming sale event. I don’t have to convince anyone to buy LiwuidWeb because this is a valuable brand and it attracts customers by the name only. Those who are anxious to know the latest deals LiquidWeb is going to offer to you on black friday, here we have all the deals and offers listed for you.

LiquidWeb Managed WordPress (66% Discount)

Websites which are built upon WordPress should consider a managed WordPress hosting for faster performance. LiquidWeb is preferred by a lot of WordPress users because they provide one of the best-managed WordPress hosting servers. Unlike other companies which restricts usage to a limit, LiquidWeb doesn’t restrict you on many factors. Let it be traffic, bandwidth, or storage space, they set you free and lets you enjoy a seamless service. Being a company which never sacrifices quality, LiquidWeb is quite expensive if you compare it with other alternatives.

???? What’s the Deal?

Deal 1 (Pre-Black Friday): 30% Discount for 3 Months (Valid till 29th November 2021).
???? Click here to grab it now (Use Coupon “READY35”).

Liquid Web Black Friday Deals are to be announced. Stay tuned and check back later. We’ll update here.

During LiquidWeb black friday sale, they are offering up to 66% discount on managed WordPress hosting plans. One more offer will be there in which they are giving 50% discount on two months purchase. Now let’s have a look at what are the plans being offered by LiquidWeb to their customers on this black friday along with the discount you can get on those plans.

LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting Plans
LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

What You Get in LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting?

Quality and features of your hosting plan matters a lot when your business in online. LiquidWeb is a reliable, secure, and consistent hosting provider. With excellent track record, they have thousands of customers worldwide. These are the major features you will be getting in managed wordpress hosting plans by LiquidWeb:

  1. No limit on traffic and pageviews.
  2. Get full access to server and database.
  3. Anytime upgrade facility with no unnecessary fees.
  4. Automatic daily backups with 30 days backups availability.
  5. Website staging for testing website before going live.
  6. They have their own data centers.
  7. Automatic SSL on all sites.
  8. Uses PHP7, Ngnix, and SSL for maximum speed.
  9. 24 hours customer support by multiple methods.
  10. Fully managed WordPress hosting.
  11. SSH, Git, WP-CLI tools for developers.
  12. Click here to get upto 66% discount on LiquidWeb.

LiquidWeb Dedicated Hosting Black Friday (Double RAM for Free)

LiquidWeb Dedicated Hosting
LiquidWeb Dedicated Hosting

Unfortunately, LiquidWeb black friday discount for managed dedicated hosting will only be offered on Intel Xeon E3-1230v6 server. For this particular server, there are two plans available, so you can avail discount on them. As the sale is only on a particular server, the number of accounts offered at discount will be very less. So, grab the deal as soon as you see it. Dedicated servers are often purchased by big companies having huge traffic on their websites for blazing fast performance and top-notch security. Let’s have a look at how much you need to pay for Intel Xeon E3-1230v6 server and what you’ll be getting for the price.

???? What’s the Deal?

Deal 1 (Pre-Black Friday): Intel Xeon 1230 v6 with 2 times RAM at $149/Month (Valid till 29th November 2021)
???? Click here to grab it now.

Liquid Web Black Friday Deals are to be announced. Stay tuned and check back later. We’ll update here.

  1. Single-tenant servers with highest performance.
  2. Available with both linux and windows.
  3. Fully customizable.
  4. 100% power and network uptime guarantee.
  5. Real-time monitoring.

LiquidWeb VPS Hosting Black Friday (50% – 70% Discount)

Virtual Private Server - LiquidWeb Black Friday
Virtual Private Server – LiquidWeb Black Friday

Around the globe, there are thousands of big and small companies using LiquidWeb VPS hosting plans. During the LiquidWeb black friday sale, VPS hosting can be purchased at up to 70% discount on selected plans decided by LiquidWeb on the sale day. You don’t need to use any coupon to get this discount, just click here and you will be redirected to the sale page where the discount will automatically appear.

???? What’s the Deal?

Deal 1 (Pre-Black Friday): Free 100 GB Backups, Starting just at $29/Month (Valid till 29th November 2021)
???? Click here to grab it now.

Liquid Web Black Friday Deals are to be announced. Stay tuned and check back later. We’ll update here.

With black friday offer, you can grab a $100 plan from LiquidWeb at as low as $30 – $50. LiquidWeb claims that their VPS hosting is faster than AWS and Rackspace. Being an industry-leading hosting provider, they take performance and security seriously. Let’s take a look at what you are being offered in VPS hosting at up to 70% discount.

LiquidWeb Black Friday - VPS Hosting Offers
LiquidWeb Black Friday – VPS Hosting Offers

LiquidWeb Managed WooCommerce Hosting (50% Discount)

People who are running eCommerce business using WooCommerce must have faced speed issue due to large database size and other WordPress issues. To tackle the issues, LiquidWeb launched their WooCommerce hosting plan which is made for WooCommerce websites. Whether it be any business, their managed WooCommerce plan will be perfect for your business. Speed is a very important factor in eCommerce or any other website. If your website is slow, nothing else can save your business until or unless you are a big brand like LV, Gucci, etc. Let’s have a look at plans offered by LiquidWeb for WooCommerce and what price you will be paying for it during this LiquidWeb black friday.

Their basic plan starts from $49 per month, with 50% discount, you can grab this plan at $125 per month only. This discount is also applicable to other plans for WooCommerce hosting. You need to use coupon “CYBERSPECIAL20” during the checkout to avail this discount.

LiquidWeb Cloud Dedicated Hosting (25% Discount)

LiquidWeb Cloud Dedicated Hosting
LiquidWeb Cloud Dedicated Hosting

A scalable server is one of the topmost things while choosing a dedicated cloud server for your website. Cloud dedicated servers from LiquidWeb offers you managed cloud hosting with 100% server scalability which means 0% sharing. Simply, you are the owner of your server. There are various reasons why people choose cloud dedicated over dedicated servers. Let’s look at 3 major reasons for it:

  1. Dedicated servers are most secure and highly penetrative, along with them you are getting capabilities of the cloud.
  2. Powerful addon demand servers are always available and can also be deployed within minutes.
  3. As this is a fully managed hosting, your OS and server will be kept updated and secure all the time.

???? What’s the Deal?

Deal 1 (Pre-Black Friday): 25% Discount on 12 Months plan for New Users.
???? Click here to grab it now.

Liquid Web Black Friday Deals are to be announced. Stay tuned and check back later. We’ll update here.

These on-demand cloud dedicated severs from LiquidWeb offers you the best of the world with bare metal servers. Bare metal servers combine the powerful processing power and resources of dedicated servers along with the capabilities and flexibilities of the cloud. Addons for dedicated servers are available at LiquidWeb, let’s quickly have a look at what addons are available with their dedicated servers.

Storage and Backup Services
Guardian Off-Site Backups, Cloud Backups, Storage Area Network (SAN), Cloud Block Storage, Log Storage, and Cloud Object Storage.
Security & Compliance Services
Firewalls & VPN, DDoS Attack Prevention, Compliance Assistance, Data Protection, Server Protection, and Web Application Protection.
Performance Services
Cloudflare CDN, Load Balancers, and Akamai CDN.
Software Services
WHM/cPanel, WHMCS, Plesk, InterWorx, and iThemes

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