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Long Tail Pro Vs. SEMRush: Who Digs the Best Keywords?

Long Tail Pro and SEMRush are two leading keyword search software. It’s obvious that anyone can get confused between these two while making a choice. Generally, Long tail pro is totally a keyword research tool where SEMRush is a solution for SEO and spying competitors.

More and more visitors are necessary for increasing your online sales and revenue. For driving free and high converting traffic, SEO is the only possible way. Traffic generated by doing SEO is the highest quality traffic you can ever gain. It brings you highly targeted as well as profitable traffic.

In order to do SEO, you first need to have keywords on which you will be ranking and driving traffic to your website. Keyword research is the foremost task which is to be done. The main problem with the majority of people is that they don’t know how to choose profitable keywords. So, to make keyword research easier, there are several tools available like SEMRush, Long Tail Pro, Moz, UberSuggest, KWFinder, etc. Now, having a lot of options make it hard to select one out of these available options. Also, it’s an obvius thing to think and look carefully when you going to spend hundreds of dollars on a tool.

This detailed comparison of Long Tail Pro vs SEMRush will make things easier for you. In my journey of internet marketing, I have used plenty of tools, Long Tail Pro and SEMRush is among those tools. So, you can rely on this comparison review because I have used these tools and I better know about the merits and demerits of both the tools. Also, I will be telling you that which one is the perfect fit for you.

Quick Comparison: Long Tail Pro vs. SEMRush

This section of this comparison review is created to help those who are directly looking for a conclusion without going much into details of these tools. Below we have explained everything about these tools along with conclusion at the bottom. Also, here is our answer in short.

Long Tail Pro is for those who are looking for a Keyword Research tool only. It is affordable and also easy to use. Also, the keywords you get from LTP are of high quality and less competitive. Long Tail Pro will cost you $15 per month for starter plan where SEMRush costs $99 per month. Long Tail Pro is helpful in generating profitable long tail niche keywords. If you are looking for a Keywords research tool then go with this.

SEMRush, on the other hand, is not particularly a Keyword Research tool but a complete SEO tool. The focus of features in SEMRush is on Overall SEO tools and features where the Long tail pro is focused on Keyword Research only. If you are expert or your website is having business from a decent time then SEMRush will be good for you. But, if in case you have just started and looking for a keyword research tool, then go with Long Tail Pro.

Long Tail Pro vs. SEMRush – Unbiased Comparison Review

SEMRush and Long tail pro are two slightly different things. Where SEMRush is a complete solution, Long Tail Pro is sort of a Complete Solution for SEO.

There is a free keyword planner tool available which is provided by Google for free. Recently, Google has limited access to keyword planner tool for those who use Google AdWords to run ads. A lot of people used to do keyword research using the Keyword Planner tool. Keywords derived from Keyword Planner tool was those keywords which are available for all the other people which are searching for the same terms. So, this means that you are getting keywords which are also available to thousands of other people who are searching for same terms.

Firstly, free keyword tools like Keyword Planner is available too all and doesn’t provide keywords on which you can make decisions directly. Being a free option, thousands of people will be using it, where a premium or paid option will be limited to few people only. So, the keywords you are getting will not be easily available to thousands of people searching for them on free tools.

Long Tail Pro – Best for Limited Budget or Small Businesses

LongTailPro Review: In-Depth
LongTailPro Review: In-Depth

In back 2016, Long tail pro earned the title of best keyword research tool. Long tail pro doesn’t offer much options like SEMRush do. Long tail pro is the most handy keyword planning tool. As i have used Long tail pro for a long time, keyword research process and steps are very easy in Long tail pro.

If you are just starting up with a business or having limited funds to invest then Long tail pro will be the best option for keyword research. Also, Long tail pro is the best profitable keyword research software for all size of businesses.

It provides you with the best long tail keywords with easy ranking possibilities and high profits. If you really want to get low competition keywords, you have to stop using free keyword research tools. Long tail pro uses its metrics to analyze keyword competitiveness. It uses a lot of important factors like domain authority, social signals, site age, and more to analyze keyword competitiveness. This is why LTP is the most accurate and easy to use keyword research tool in the market till now. Also, Long tail pro keeps updating their criteria according to the Google algorithm updates.

Advantages of Long Tail Pro

  • It allows you to search for unlimitable profitable niche keywords. Keywords searched using Longtailpro are low competitive keywords which are easy to rank. Free keyword research tools give you high competitive keywords which are being used by thousands of bloggers.
  • Long tail pro has the ability to create grouped campaigns by targeting niche related domains. This helps in driving the best on internet traffic for your niche as well as getting informed about keywords your competitors are ranking on.
  • This long tail keyword research tool analyses competition by searching for the keyword in the database of all major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. It gets over to 800 keywords suggestions or related keywords for every query you make on Long tail pro.
  • Niche viability can be observed with the help of this tool. Niche viability option provides you with instant information about niche competitiveness and competitor websites. By this, you will be able to focus on the best niche for you.

Disadvantages of Long Tail Pro

  • When you look at the pricing of Long Tail Pro, you will see that their monthly starter plan costs $37 each month. Being a beginner, it’s hard to invest $37 each month into a tool which is specifically for keyword research purpose. Well, we have got a solution to it, if you can buy the annual plan of Long Tail Pro then you will be able to get it at $15 Per Month (Check here for the discount).
  • As you see the name of the tool, “Long Tail Pro”, this software is specially made for long tail keywords. It will get you a lot of amazing and profitable long tail keywords. But, short keywords will not be that powerful with LTP. This tool doesn’t provide any in-depth insights into how much traffic it will generate which other tools like Ahrefs do.
  • Long Tail Pro is suggested by us but to only those who are looking for a specific keyword research tool. There is no doubt about the quality and profitability of keywords you get with LTP. If you are looking for a complete SEO tool which can do keyword research along with several other SEO tasks then you should go with SEMRush. Also, as a keyword planner tool, Long tail pro is way cheaper as compared to SEMRush.

SEMRush – An Expensive but Worthy Tool

SemRush: Advanced SEO Tool
SemRush: Advanced SEO Tool

Are you in industry from a long time? If yes, then you must have heard about SEMRush from a lot of people. SEMRush has been a useful tool to all the webmasters and internet marketers from a long time and will be in future also. There have been a lot of SEO tools which came in trend and then dropped out. Talking about SEMRush, it is totally different because it has always been in trend and even on top since foundation of it.

This particular tool has always impressed it’s users and grown number of features it provide to users with time. Unlike other SEO tools, SEMRush is the tool which always introduced interesting features along with being easy to use in all aspects. Professionals as well as beginners can easily use SEMRush without any confusion or misunderstanding. SEMRush offers you a lot more than just being a keyword research tool.

Advantages of SEMRush

  • Keyword magic tool in SEMRush allows you to group keywords using a different filter for easy accessibility. You will be able to analyze keywords on factors like keyword difficulty and keyword density. It is really helpful in planning a perfect keyword strategy for any website.
  • A lot of people consider SEMRush as a great tool for competitor analysis. Well, it’s true, it is truly a great competitor analysis tool. It gives you detailed reports for your competitor website about all important and major factors in SEO.
  • Backlinks analysis tool will give you information about each and every backlink your competitors are getting. This will help you a lot in competitor backlinks hacking. Along with finding new keywords building ideas, you will be able to keep an eye on your backlinks building profile.
  • One of the best features about SEMRush is that it also provides insights into paid keywords. Being a freelancer / professional or business, advertising research is something you will always be needing. You will be able to get information about paid / ad campaign keywords of your competitors and then you can tap it for your business too.
  • Ads Builder tool in SEMRush is helpful in creating ad campaigns for brands and businesses. Set up powerful and high converting campaigns by using this PPC tool. You will be getting to remove all negative keywords in clicks, also by observing competitors campaigns you will be creating high converting campaigns.
  • The content analyzer allows you to create optimized content which converts really well and results in increased revenue. You will get to know social shares, backlinks and content rankings of your content with this tool.

Disadvantages of SEMRush

  • SEMRush is no doubt one of the best SEO tools in the market till now. Even it has a huge database of keywords. It will show up to 70 pages of keywords for a query. But, this makes user confusing a lot of time and decision making is hard when you are having so much similar keywords available. SEMRush shows all the keywords from Short to long tail keywords.
  • There is a lot of statements about SEMRush that this tool isn’t for beginners. Well truly, All the features are suitable for Pros, Being a beginner you are not having need of this much data and your website also doesn’t have this much data available to it.
  • SEMRush is an expensive option if you are looking for a Keyword Planner. It will cost you a minimum $99 monthly which is nowhere even near to affordable for a beginner. If you are already having your website running well then SEMRush will be suitable for your needs.

Conclusion of Long Tail Pro vs. SEMRush

As we were talking about a Keyword Research software in beginning, we will be having a conclusion over here. Most of the readers are looking for a Keyword Research tool. So in this Long Tail Pro vs. SEMRush, booth the tools seem to be good for keyword research but LTP is specifically made and maintained for keywords purpose. If you are the one who is new to SEO and just starting with it, go with Long Tail Pro (39% Discount). And, if you are one of those professionals who already know the game of SEO and in chase of competitors then go with SEMRush.

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