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Honest MyThemeShop Review – Best Themes! Really?

In WordPress, we have a huge number of options for themes and plugins. There are plenty of quality developers of WordPress themes and plugins. So, one is MyThemeShop. In this article, we are doing MyThemeShop Review.

You can create a complete website on wordpress using themes starting from free and going to 1000s of dollars. But, if you are a person who frequently creates websites or blogs, then you can’t rely on free as well as expensive options. There should be something which is cost effective and worth the value. So, one of the considerable option for your purpose is MyThemeShop. They are one of the well known and premium developer of WordPress Themes and Plugins.

Being a blogger, It is always recommended to use Premium themes instead of Free theme options. Free themes will always limit you with usage and also they doesn’e ensure security and trustability. Also, premium themes are always well updated with SEO and WordPress coding standards. Because there is no place for outdated websites on top pages of Google SERPs. So, without taking more time, let’s directly start with MyThemeShop Review.

MyThemeShop Review: In-Depth

There is no doubt that MyThemeShop is one of the best developers of premium WordPress themes and plugins. MyThemeShop is a Club for WordPress Themes and Plugins. You need to grab your membership and you are all set to take benefits it. Pricing criteria of MyThemeShop are pretty simple and affordable too. There are over 150 premium themes and plugins on their website, and you can have all of them at just $9 a month ????.

MyThemeShop is one of the largest developer of WordPress themes and plugins with over 500k happy customers and millions of downloads.

Coding, SEO and Design

These are 3 major factors which are considered while choosing a theme for your website. So, a theme must be good at these 3 factors. Let’s see how MyThemeShop has implemented these 3 factors in their products.

Coding of MyThemeShop Themes & Plugins

WordPress Coding Standards
WordPress Coding Standards

Standard of coding is one of the major difference between a free and a premium theme. Proper coding is always required in a theme so that It can comply with all the coding standards and doesn’t lack anywhere in terms of coding.

Being a premium developer, MyThemeShop has taken care of WordPress Coding Standards and all their themes comply to it. Their developers have spent hours studying the standards and matching them with products. Also, they keep updating their products will all the updates in coding standards so that your theme will always be up-to-date.

SEO of MyThemeShop Themes & Plugins

Schema WordPress Theme - MyThemeShop
Schema WordPress Theme – MyThemeShop

Theme/Template of your website plays an important role is SEO of your website. If your theme is not coded as per the SEO guidelines, then you are most likely to get a penalty from Google. SEO compatibility of a theme is one of the major factors which you need to take care of.

MyThemeShop’s development team consists of SEO experts. They keep their themes updated as per the latest SEO standards. So, MyThemeShop’s themes are properly SEO optimized and ready to start. From SEO point of view, MTS provides one of the most SEO friendly WordPress themes.

Design of MyThemeShop Themes & Plugins

Along with Coding and SEO standards, Design of a website is one of the most important factors from both user and publisher point of view. A bad design will only give you losses, your readers won’t come back, they will leave early and everything bad you can think of will happen.

Premium themes are always presented with great design and takes care of user retention. MyThemeShop is having 121 different themes which make sure that this one membership plan of MyThemeShop can fulfill all sort and types of requirements of users. So, this one membership of $9/monthly will be giving you wordpress themes of all uses and purposes.

MyThemeShop Review: My Personal Experience

The number of customers a website is having is always something by which you can decide the quality of their products. MyThemeShop is having over 500k customer at this point. Sorry, I mean 500k+ Happy ???? Customers. Along with being a themes and plugins selling the company they have given some value back to the community. They have developed 33 Premium themes and plugins which are available for free on their website as well as on WordPress repository.

Configuration & Theme Setup

In MyThemeShop Review, I tried and tested SociallyViral wordpress theme from MyThemeShop. I installed this theme on Localhost using MAMP server.

Socially Viral WordPress Theme
Socially Viral WordPress Theme

As most of us are unaware of coding and also WordPress meant to be something easy. So, to save time and efforts, MyThemeShop is worth to buy. Well, Let’s see how their theme performed in this MyThemeShop review. The configuration of all the MTS themes is really easy.

Theme can easily be downloaded from your MTS Member’s Area. All theme packages are included with a well-written documentation, necessary files, and change log. Updates in that particular version of theme can be checked through changelog included within theme package.

Like any other theme, you can install this theme to your website by going to Appearance >> Themes >> Add New >> Upload. There is a handy and easy to use theme panel given in your theme by which you can customize your website. This theme panel option is only offered in premium themes.

One thing which a lot of us will notice is that most of their themes and theme panel are created in favor of bloggers. Each theme comes with Ad Management option which is really a helpful feature and not all theme offers this. All Themes are added with features like Author Box, Floating social sharing buttons, etc. which are always required by bloggers.

MyThemeShop’s fastest loading theme is Schema. Let’s see how schema performs during our test. This test was performed usign GTMetrix. Here are the results:

MyThemeShop - Schema WordPress Theme
MyThemeShop – Schema WordPress Theme

As you can see, the website got loaded within 0.5 Seconds. This is really amazing for bloggers. So, those who are looking to create niche blogs, can consider this amazingly fast blogging theme for wordpress.

Customer Support

MyThemeShop gives you priority support with all the plans. Also, you are having forum support with it. There is a dedicated team available for customer support, so you will always be having someone to assist you with your queries and problems relating to themes and plugins.

Pricing of MyThemeShop

Multiple pricing options are available on MyThemeShop. One can opt for pay per theme of you can buy their monthly subscription which is recommended from us. This means that $9 monthly plan will get to access to all themes and plugins of MyThemeShop. If you are from those who are going to need multiple themes with time, then you should go with $9 monthly plan.


During our MyThemeShop review, We tried and tested one of their themes. Performance, as mentioned above, was amazingly fast. If you are a blogger, then MyThemeShop is the best option for you to go with. You will be able to create a complete blog within an hour. You don’t require any coding knowledge, a handy panel will help you in doing settings and changes to the website.

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