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Namecheap Black Friday 2021 – 99% Discount, $0.99 Hosting ⚡️ Deals!

???? The most awaited NameCheap Black Friday Sale is finally here. You are being offered up to a 99% discount on a wide range of services from NameCheap including hosting, domains, VPN, SSLs, and much more. Avail of these discounts before the sale runs out.

???? The sale will be Live from 26th November 2021 ????

???? Domains Names at 99% Discount, Starting at $0.99 → Click here to grab it.

???? Web Hosting at 97% discount, Starting at $0.99 → Click here to grab it.

???? SSL Certificates at 90% discount, Starting at $0.89 → Click here to grab it.

???? Flash Deals with up to 99% Discount Every Hour → Click here to grab it.

Here we are going to provide you the best deals that you can only get on the NameCheap Black Friday Sale 2021. Before making any payment, we want you to get all the information about it and read that very carefully so you don’t need to face any problem in the future with their services. This information will also help you to avail yourself as much as the discount on the NameCheap Black Friday Deals and Offers. We want you to read all the plans and specifications so you can choose what best suits you.

What is Being Offered in Namecheap Black Friday Sale?

Namecheap Black Friday Sale & Offers
Namecheap Black Friday Sale & Offers

The name given to this year’s sale is Game of Deals. Namecheap is ready with some massive discounts on domains, hosting, security, and private emails. These deals will be out every hour and you have to very fast to claim them. Just like you, there are thousands of people who are looking for deals at the same time. So, you have to be very fast otherwise you will miss the discount.

Click any of the buttons given on this page and you will go directly to the Namecheap Black Friday sale landing page, just wait there and you will see a lot of deals coming in front of you. There is nothing else required, just get to the landing page and claim the deals which you think you should buy. Prices will be amazingly cheap during the sale. This is the biggest sale of the year in the field of domains and web hosting.

Companies like cloudways, Namecheap, and Dreamhost offered amazing deals last year, this year the deals weren’t to the expectations. Here Namecheap is claiming a strong commitment with discounts and deals from them. Sale will begin on 29 November EST.

Basically, these are the deals that will be offered during NameCheap Black Friday Sale 2021:

  1. Namecheap Domain Promo Code: There will be up to 99% discount on domains. All major domain extensions and new launches will be included in this sale. Offers will be for a very limited time, so don’t delay your purchase.
  2. Namecheap Hosting Black Friday: Shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, email hosting, and managed WordPress hosting will be on sale starting at just $0.99/Year. This deal is really insane ????. All the offers will be updated every hour and there will be thousands of people claiming the offers, so make sure to be on time as well as be fast in purchasing. Those who are in confusion about the quality of their servers because of the price they are offering their services at. Namecheap is one of the most affordable and quality web hosting provider. All their server uses SSD drives which provides faster performance than normal storage disks.
  3. SSL, Whoisguard, and PremiumDNS: There will be a 90% discount on SSL certificates, Whoisguard for domains, and PremiumDNS for your domains from Namecheap. Like domains and hosting, this sale will also be on an hourly basis.
  4. Private Email: Namecheap offers a dedicated segment of plans for email hosting. For companies who are having their custom email addresses, they can have this type of hosting. This hosting is a cheap and a perfect fit for your emails. There will be a 95% discount on private email hosting from Namecheap.

So, these will be the offers and deals during NameCheap Black Friday Sale and NameCheap Cyber Monday Sale. Remember to be fast with claiming deals. Enjoy raining discounts ????.

Namecheap Black Friday Sale 2021 – Discounts & Offers

NameCheap - Why Choose?
NameCheap – Why Choose? | Source: Kinsta

Nearly Each and every host runs a yearly sale during the Black Friday Sale. Here, Namecheap is also running a yearly sale in which you can get huge discounts on your hosting purchase. The sale is named NameCheap Black Friday Sale 2021. Namecheap is offering domain registrations, web hosting, and SSL at up to 90% discount only on Cyber Monday sale. You can grab a complete package of web hosting and domain for as low as $3. Yes, we all know that this is unbelievable but Namecheap is truly offering this much discount on this Black Friday sale. This is their biggest sale which only comes once a year. So, prepare yourself and be ready to save dollars on the sale 😉

Why Choose Namecheap?

If you are going to choose any product or service, you must know why you are going to buy the product or service from that particular brand only. According to that, we have listed the things you should consider before you buy any type of hosting or domain from any host out in the market. Please make sure that you read all the points carefully and then decide which brand is best for you and which is not. From our side, it’s a big thumbs up for you to go for Namecheap.


You might have already checked the prices of the Namecheap hosting company. Comparing to other brands in the industry, Namecheap hosting, and domain prices are much lesser. Namecheap is one of the most affordable and quality hosting providers in the market. They promise to their customers that they are always providing the best prices for their hosting plans and domains and they are keeping their promises very well we must say.

Features and Specifications

They have SSD powered servers that perform way faster than normal hosting servers. Namecheap is increasing its services and products all over the world very fast. Domestic location host is important for getting faster response from the server and Namecheap is expanding their services to every country and city so that they can take care of their customers well.

Friendly and Expert Support

Namecheap has 24*7 support for their customers which is as important as having a great service. Their support team is there for you anytime regarding any of your issues or queries. Your all major and minor issues can be solved in small time by their supportive and experienced staff.

Namecheap Promotions and Offers

There are some additional promos and discounts for the people who have just started and don’t have much money for their hosting and domain expenses. They are working to make Namecheap for everyone and affordable. Namecheap also offers more discounts to their customers every month to promote their company and this method is working very well for them. This is also the reason why Namecheap is one of the best and most affordable hosting companies in the market.

Namecheap Black Friday Deals (2021)

Just like the other companies, there is also an offer running on Namecheap which comes once a year. In this sale you can get amazing discounts and deals from Namecheap, the sale is called the NameCheap Black Friday Sale 2021. Their offers and promotions will be great and different from other companies and the deals will be mind-blowing as always. All you need to do is to be ready at the sale time and prepare yourself with the payment methods for faster checkouts, make sure that you don’t miss the deals, and grab them all in time.

How to Avail Namecheap Black Friday Deals & Offers?

We have written all the steps which you need to follow to go to the special sale page from where you can get amazing deals and discounts. To get your hosting or domain, you need to click on the button below which will take you to the sale page.

Here are the steps:

  1. Click Here to visit the deal page.
  2. Now you can see the plans and offers on their website. Choose the offer with which you want to proceed.
  3. Now, as you are a new customer you will need to fill their form to place an order.
  4. After filling in order information and account information just proceed with the purchase information.
  5. Make payment and complete the order.

Namecheap Shared Hosting Plan

NameCheap Hosting Black Friday Sale
NameCheap Hosting Black Friday Sale

The shared hosting plan of Namecheap is just like what other hosts offer in the industry but the major difference is that their servers are amazing and these are pretty much faster than the rest of the companies. Namecheap hosting plan is one of the greatest because of its price offering. With their low-cost plans, they also offer additional promotional codes that are able to give you much more discounts and you can save additional money on the plans. The latest Dell technology and servers that Namecheap uses are lightning-fast. We don’t think that in this price range you can get something better than Namecheap.

Namecheap Reseller Hosting Plan

If you are a reseller, you can get maximum profit from it as Namecheap has designed their Reseller hosting as per your needs. Agencies and stakeholders are generally the customers who use the reseller hosting as they earn the profit by renting the space to their customers and clients. Agencies widely choose the reseller hosting plan to sell it to their customers. You can easily access their C-Panel and it is easy to operate too and this is gonna help you to earn maximum profit out of it.

Namecheap VPS Hosting Plan

The virtual private network is primarily your network. If you are running a large business and need more resources and control over your online business then this plan is for you. In VPS servers, the upgrades and maintenance are truly fast. VPS servers are the plans which can give you amazing speed with an amazing performance as well.

Namecheap Dedicated Hosting Server Plans

If you are running a large business and for some or any reason you want to opt for a more secure environment, then you can go with dedicated server plans. Dedicated hosting plans are not at all cheap, they are expensive but they worth it. Generally, the starting price of the Namecheap dedicated hosting plan is $58.88/Monthly. It gives you a XEN virtualization platform that provides you full control of the server. it gives you full root access, it comes with two operating systems from which you can choose one, cPanel and it makes a rich-featured server environment for you to control it better.

Dedicated servers are hosted on a particular machine which will not be shared with anyone. So, if you think your business needs this much privacy then this is one of the best plans for you to go with.

Namecheap Domain Offer – Black Friday 2021

Namecheap is also one of the most trusted and customer’s favorite domain registrars. Namecheap is also considered by people because of its wide range of domain TLDs. Here are the Domain services that you are getting with Namecheap:

Domain Registration Process

You can register your domain with Namecheap very easily. You just need to click on the button below which has a special discount for you and after that, you just need to choose your desired domain name and domain extension. Now you just need to proceed with the order information and make payment. That’s it, you are done with your domain registration for you. Namecheap also offers the best prices on their domains in the industry.

Domain Transfer

If you are going to renew your domain then this is the best time for you to make your next choice. Migrate your site to a good and trusted registrar and save money. Namecheap offers add-on services for free with their domains. It also offers better domain control than other registrars.

Exclusive TLDs

Namecheap is among the domain registrars who allows you to choose your own domain TLD among the range of exclusive new TLDs available in their database. All TLDs are available at cheap prices.

Domain Reselling

You can also resell your domains as Namecheap has made a marketplace, especially for domain reselling. You can purchase domains for reselling purposes on Namecheap and the best thing is that they will provide you the buyer for your domain.

Free WhoIs Protection

Namecheap is among the domain registrars who provide free domain privacy and protection. This is very important to be safe from unwanted calls from agencies and developers. Registrars like GoDaddy and Bigrock charges around $5 annually to keep your information safe from people.

NameCheap Black Friday FAQs

In year 2021, NameCheap is going to conduct their black friday and cyber monday sale starting from 26th November 2021. This sale will be valid for 24 hours on black friday and then again for 24 hours on Cyber Monday. So, it’ll be valid on two days and 24 hours each day.

Absolutely, NameCheap shared hosting plans are perfect for small businesses, and starting level blogs which are getting decent traffic to it. Being reasonably priced, it is the best option for such purposes. Also, you are getting performance hosting, don’t think that the quality will be low. It is one of the best hosting available in shared hosting segments.

Just like any other internet company, Best time to buy things from NameCheap is definitely Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. During these two sale events, you will be getting upto 98% discount which is really a lot.

The most awaited NameCheap Black Friday Sale is finally here. NameCheap is offering up to 98% discount on a wide range of services from NameCheap including hosting, domains, VPN, SSLs, and much more.

Not only in Web Hosting, NameCheap is one of the best companies for SSLs, Domains, Hosting, VPN, and more. They are very popular for their reasonably priced services and responsive customer support. So Yes, NameCheap is a good web hosting provider.

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