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Online Advertising & PPC Advertising

In my career so far, I’ve spent over $26,000 in PPC Ads alone, driving an approximate ROI of 246%. Other than PPC, I’ve been serving clients for their requirements of Bing Advertising, Native Advertising, Push-Notification Ads, Shopping Ads, Mobile Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter, Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Media Buying. So, Online Advertising is not just about PPC and AdWords, but a lot more what so ever suits your business to generate better results.

Have you ever got trapped by an advertiser showing you their ads everywhere on Facebook and the websites you are browsing? That is called remarketing, where you follow and show ads to the people who interacted with your business. Remarketing helps in increasing the chances of conversion and creates brand recognition among the viewers.

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Crafted Pay Per Click Campaigns

PPC Campaigns are important and really helpful for every new businesses to gain a quick start. Like other digital marketing methods, In PPC also, A single strategy won’t be working for every business and every client, and you need to take this in mind. Every business or purpose needs a customized strategy crafted for its requirements and goals.

More than 99% businesses suffer from not being able to make it to 1st page of Google, so what can be done in this case? Well, the answer is quite simple. You can prepare PPC Campaigns to appear on top of the 1st page of Google through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) also popular as PPC.

Doesn’t matter if you have a budget of $5 a day or $5000 a day, you can always get benefited from PPC Advertising.

Online Advertising

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Web Design

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