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Reinventing the Wheel (Link Wheel SEO Strategy)

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If you are into blogging, especially event blogging, you may not be new to the idea of Link Wheel. The concept of Link Wheel is not new but with time to time- it’s evolving. The basic idea behind this concept is creating a pattern of links which flow from one website to another and ultimately link one main site.  These can be called search engine optimisation techniques or social marketing techniques. And some people use this great concept to bring in more targeted traffic and increase their ranking by creating a link wheel as a small private blog network built out of web 2.0 properties and social media.

Apart from standard Link building , LinkWheel is used as a great concept to bring in more targeted traffic and increase their ranking by creating a link wheel as a small private blog network built out of web 2.0 properties and social media.

I have been running a web hosting company in Mumbai from a decade now and even helped thousand of website for SEO strategy and If you are new to SEO I will recommend an article here for newbie Best SEO Guides for Beginners,  and after understanding Google website ranking factor and Google Search Algorithm I will recommend LinkWheel to be included in your SEO strategy from now onwards if you are not doing this.

Remember  many webmasters maltreated the basic pattern for ranking their sites and creating backlinks, the basic link wheels were no more so effective. Besides this, this pattern was so obvious for crawlers and spiders to know what the site owner was trying to do here and so you could easily get busted and penalised for manipulating ranking.

So, to bring in an efficient solution for this problem an advanced link wheel pattern was created. Now, people have found out different strategies or you may say “styles” to use this concept of link wheels. From a basic pattern to a highly complex one, bloggers here have tried almost everything they possibly can to get their main site ranked.

If we clear the base and divide these into two major categories, we will have The Black Hat style and The White Hat style. Many of you must have already heard of them but for those who didn’t, let’s see what they are and how they work.

So, as the basic idea of creating a link wheel as the “Black Hat style” is to throw a load full of junk content on some user generated sited that get a decent rank on Google( like Word Press, Tumblr, bloggers, squiddo, etc.) and add a ton of junk links to them. Google won’t find it too strange as there are already so many links on these sites. And the junkie content is still content and Google can’t recognise the difference.

The spam links and junk content together do increase the page rank of those sites, which you link to your main site, but only for a while. Each of your sites gets some good PR that is passed on to the main site. You can also protect your main site from black hat activity by obtaining inbound links on those sites.

But the problem that comes here is too much of work and load. As Google catches black hat activities and will ban your page if it caught, you will always have to be one step ahead of Google . You’ll need to make a new site before Google catches the previous one, each more spammy than the last one. And, dude, if you are into some real blogging shit, you won’t want your blog to be associated with junkie content or some spammy blogs. Right?

But, wait a second, what if each of your sites that you are using in the link wheel for the main site has some solid content and a good rank on Google..? Won’t that be a great way to get your main site ranked without being spammed by Google. Totally legal, right..??

What you need to do here is divide your blog into different subcategories and with those subcategories you can create web 2.0 blogs with some excellent content and gain lots of links. As Google never back lists the sites in your wheel, the PR they pass to the main site will be kept. This way if each of your sites gets top ranked on Google, your main site will also get top ranked on Google. Not only this will help you on with getting a good traffic and rank but will also give you several sites under your control on the first page.

Here is the illustration how LinkWheel method will look like :

LinkWheel SEO Strategy
LinkWheel SEO Strategy

But remember, if you are expecting this to happen overnight, and then let me tell you something. If you are here in a long run and actually want to do some real business, then you have to give in what it takes to be here. You will need time, patience, hard work and perseverance for it.

If you want to stay in business you will need some great marketing. If you set yourself as an expert to the market people will automatically refer to your blog, buy your stuff and look for you. You need to become the top dog of the market to stay in the race.

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