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Honest Roboform Review: Best Budget Password Manager

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Are you like me who usually set and forget their passwords? If yes, this Honest Roboform Review will help you in getting your problem solved. As we all know, Roboform is one of the leading password manager applications. Also, undoubtedly, Roboform is an inexpensive solution for perfect passwords management. Roboform is being used by millions of users worldwide. There are a lot of attractive and unique features given in Roboform which will make password management more convenient for you. Read this full RoboForm review and know about the advantages and disadvantages of Roboform.

Roboform Review: Password Manager Application

Undoubtedly, Roboform is a powerful solution for password management. Features of RoboForm makes it one of the best password manager apps in marketing. Along with being a feature-rich password manager, it is also very reasonably priced. There are both paid and free version of Roboform available for usage. With help of RoboForm, you will never have to remember passwords. It will generate extremely powerful passwords for your accounts and will remember itself.

Roboforms has been featured on leading websites like Cnet, The New York Times, Bloomberg, USA Today Tech, The Wall Street Journal, and many other leading websites. In this Roboform review, we will be covering all aspects of this software including features, pricing, user-friendliness, security, support, and UI along with advantages and disadvantages.

Features of Roboform

All key features for a password manager application are present RoboForm. Along with storing passwords, you can store credit cards, notes, identities, contacts, bookmarks, and a lot more with Roboform. There is a lot of bookmark storage space given in Roboform which allows you to save hell lot of bookmarks in one application and access it from anywhere. Let’s quickly get to all interesting features of RoboForm.

Keep Your Passwords Organized and Secure

Secure Passwords
Secure Passwords

Passwords must be strong in order to keep them secure. When we create strong passwords like “RyaN23Ste@WArt”, there are huge chances that we will forget the exact password, to remember passwords and keep them organized, RoboForm has got a lot of features like One-click login, Capture passwords, Anywhere access, Password Sync, Offline Access, Password tags, and powerful search. Let’s see how these features work. We’ve personally tried these features during this RoboForm review.

  1. One Click Login – You don’t have to type username and passwords anymore. RoboForm will let you in with just a click. You will be able to autofill username and passwords with just a click.
  2. Capture Passwords While Browsing – Surf internet without the stress of remembering passwords. RoboForm will automatically capture passwords while you browse the internet.
  3. Access Anywhere and Anytime – Roboform is supported on all major desktop and mobile platforms. So, you can access passwords anywhere and anytime using Roboform.
  4. Password Synchronization – All passwords are synchronized and saved on the cloud. This keeps your passwords backed up and accessible across devices and browsers.
  5. Offline Access – Roboform desktop and mobile applications provide offline access to usernames and passwords. This saves passwords on your local storage for offline access. This feature is not available in the Business plan.
  6. Password Folders – To make your passwords more organized, RoboForm allows you to pin passwords in separate folders for easy access.
  7. Password Search – Finding that one password among a lot of passwords is not a hard task anymore. Use RoboForm powerful search and get passwords easily.

Easy to Set-Up

Ease of setting up an application is one of the primary things a user look about any product. Roboform comes with an easy to the setup application interface. It has features including instant access, browser extensions, and Import / Export facility.

  1. Up in No Time – Account creation and software setup is very easy and instant with RoboForm. It takes only a few minutes to get started with RoboForm.
  2. Browser Extensions – RoboForm is available for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and all major internet broswers.
  3. Import & Export – You can easily import and export username and passwords to CSV files with RoboForm.

Generate and Save Passwords Securely


Security is must when you are talking about a password management application. There are a lot more security features you are getting with RoboForm. Being one of the most trusted and leading password manager, RoboForm fulfills security parameters really well. You are backed with a solid security framework which uses the latest technology to keep your information safe. Roboform generates strong and impossible to guess passwords. It uses Two-factor authentication and Strong encryption to safeguard your information.

  1. Generate and Store Strong Passwords – Common passwords which most of us use are easy to guess. It generates impossible to guess hard passwords and stores them. You don’t need to worry about remembering a password anymore.
  2. Security Center – This feature lets you see that how many times you have used the same password for multiple accounts. Also, it will measure score for your password and show how strong your password is.
  3. Strong Password Encryption – To protect users from Dictionary, Brute-force, and other attacks, It uses AES 256-bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256. Decryption of a password is performed at a local level and decryption key never reaches to the server.
  4. Two-Factor Authentication – Roboform supports TOTP based authentication apps including Google Authenticator, Authy, and Microsoft Authenticator. This increases the security of your credentials.

Passwords Sharing Made Easy

Sharing passwords always feel unsafe and it’s obvious too. With RoboForm, you can securely share passwords with anyone. It will let you share passwords without sharing the password. Sound Interesting? Let’s check out how it securely shares passwords.

  1. Share Password or Folder with Ease – Even if you want to share a password or a folder of passwords, you can do it without revealing the passwords with RoboForm. It will give them direct login without exposing credentials.
  2. Emergency Access – Add trusted contacts in your list and provide them access to credentials in case of death, incapacitation, or simply as a method to account recovery.
  3. Family Plan – Add your family members and let them access the same information without any hassle.

What Else RoboForm Works For?

During our roboform review, we have checked this software for other  things it can do. Otherthan a password manager application, what are the taks it can perform? Let’s check them out below in this roboform review.

  1. Store Credit Cards Information – If you are among those people who frequently need access to their credit cards for online usage, this feature will impress you for sure.
  2. Fill Forms with One Click – You don’t need to fill long forms anymore. RoboForm includes autofill forms feature which automatically fills all required information in forms with just a click. You just need to provide your information once and it will do the rest.
  3. Safenotes – Using safenotes, you can store license keys and wi-fi passwords securely.
  4. Windows Applications Passwords – Along with working for internet passwords, it also works for windows based applications passwords like Skype, Outlook, etc.
  5. Bookmarks – With RoboForm, you can store web bookmarks and access it from anywhere on any browser.

RoboForm Review – Customer Support

They have several ways to help their customers. RoboForm help center, RoboForm Manual, and Online Support System are the 3 different ways by which customers can be helped. Whenever you need answers relating to usage and setting up software, you can use RoboForm manual or help center. All users will get priority online support which can be accessed from 9 AM to 6 PM EST Monday to Friday.

Advantages & Disadvantages of RoboForm

In this RoboForm review, we’ve looked over several different factors. So, we’ve created this list of pros and cons of Roboform password manager. Have a look at it:


✔️ Budget Friendly

✔️ Feature Rich

✔️ Offline Access

✔️ Emergency Contacts

✔️ All Major Platforms & Browser Compatibility


❌ Difficult to Use Support Options

Pricing of RoboForm

Free$0Use it for Single User on Single Device.
RoboForm Everywhere$23.88 YearlyUse it on Unlimited Device for Single User.
RoboForm Family Plan$47.75 YearlyUse it on Unlimited Devices for 5 Users.
RoboForm Business$29.95 YearlyUse it for 1 Employee.

RoboForm offers a variety of plans designed specifically for individual and businesses. Prices of RoboForm are really affordable as well as discounts on renewals. The free plan is for very basic use and you won’t be getting this much features in the free plan of RoboForm. Free plan doesn’t allow access to data on other devices. You will be able to use it on one device only. If you are looking for a free password manager, then LastPass will do a better job for you. LastPass offers multi-device access without any fee, you can get it for free.

Conclusion of RoboForm Review

RoboForm is an easy to use password manager. There is a lot of features given in RoboForm. Well, RoboForm is a really good password manager application which works perfectly well in all the features it provides. Pricing is also very reasonable and it won’t hurt your pocket.

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