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RoboForm vs. LastPass: Which is the Best Password Manager?

Both RoboForm and LastPass are leading applications in the category of Password Manager Applications. Using a password manager application, you can ensure that your account information and credentials are safe and secure. With the availability of plenty of password manager applications and software, it is hard to choose the best one out of it.

Each application comes with a special feature and other common features too. RoboForm and LastPass are leading software in password manager applications. This RoboForm vs. LastPass comparison review will help you in knowing that which of these tools is best for you.

If You are Looking for a Quick Decision (Most of the people do this), Read This:

We are writing a quick decision if you don’t have time to read the entire comparison of both the tools. RoboForm is a simple yet powerful desktop program which is also available on Mobile devices. Where LastPass is a browser-based app. So, If you are among those who work with-in browser and just want to access passwords there, then LastPass is for you. But, if you want to access them everywhere including Mobile and Desktop then RoboForm will work perfectly for you.

If you are still in doubt then I would suggest you to read the detailed RoboForm vs. LastPass Comparison Review.

RoboForm vs. LastPass: Comparison Review

Purpose of both the tools are same, as the result, there are a lot of similarities between RoboForm and LastPass. Along with the common features, we will be talking about the unique features of both the applications and how useful they are. So, without taking more time, let’s get started with the review. You will get to know about RoboForm and LastPass on following points:

  • Availability on Different Platforms
  • Types of Information it can Save
  • Password Storage
  • Password Generation
  • Security & Privacy
  • Pricing
  • Customer Support

and then we will give you conclusion of this comparison.

Availability of RoboForm and LastPass on Different Platforms

RoboForm: It is a multi-platform password manager application. You can use and sync passwords and other information on Android, MacOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, and other major platforms.

LastPass: It is available on all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and other browsers. LastPass can be used on Mobile browsers, Desktop Browsers, and Smart Watch.

Conclusion: RoboForm is clearly the best when we talk about availability on different platforms.

Type of Information Which Can be Stored in RoboForm and LastPass

RoboForm: Using RoboForm you can save various data like Passwords, Payment Information, Secure Notes, Identities, Email Accounts, Wi-Fi Password, Software Licenses, and Bookmarks.

LastPass: It also offers most of the data types as provided by RoboForm except Email Accounts, and Software Licenses.

Conclusion: RoboForm is the choice as it offers a better range of data types as compared to LastPass.

Password Storage in RoboForm and LastPass

In RoboForm, Passwords can be stored Online as well as Offline on the local device. Also, you can choose to save passwords online as well as offline at the same time. This helps in accessing passwords when you are not connected to the Internet. By having access to passwords offline, you can secure documents and files on the device.

Passwords which you save using LastPass can be stored online only. Passwords must be written somewhere offline so that if in case you are not having a connection to the internet, even then you will be able to access passwords. But, when you have to save passwords offline manually, itself eliminates the purpose of being a password manager. So, RoboForm provides a clearly better solution to password management.

Password Generation in RoboForm and LastPass

RoboForm: It uses a service called “ZXCVBN” which analysis the strength of passwords stored with RoboForm. ZXCVBN uses common words, dictionary words, and historic passwords to measure the strength of passwords. While generating a new password, you will receive a security score about the strength of the password. Also, it will let you know how many times and where you have used the same password. RoboForm itself generates a new password which tends to be stronger than human passwords. To protect your information from brute-force and dictionary attacks, it encrypts your passwords which makes it impossible to steal password through any such attacks.

LastPass: It offers a solution in which you can generate passwords by just entering a word. It will give you a strong password using alphabets, numbers, and symbols. Like RoboForm, they also use encryption to safeguard your passwords from any sort of brute-force or dictionary attacks. Passwords generated with LastPass are strong and secure.

Conclusion: Both the software works really well in password generation. Passwords generated with LastPass and RoboForm are extremely secure and strong.

Security & Privacy of RoboForm and LastPass

RoboForm: According to them, they use “military grade encryption” for their services. They use AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 key-stretching algorithm. In RoboForm, password requirements are the length of 8 characters out of which you must use a number and symbol. Encryption and Decryption of passwords occur locally on the device so your passwords are completely safe and can’t be stolen.

LastPass: It also uses the same military-grade encryption which is used by the U.S government. Vault of the password is encrypted with AES-256 before it connects to the internet. So, data won’t be synchronized online until it is encrypted on system locally. It makes your information extremely safe and can’t even LastPass can see your passwords.

Conclusion: Passwords are extremely safe on both platforms. RoboForm slightly improves the security by using the PBKDF2 key stretching algorithm.

Pricing of RoboForm and LastPass

Pricing Plans RoboForm LastPass
Free Plan
Lifetime Plans
Monthly Price $1.99 (Get it Now) $3 (Get it Now)
Free Trial 30 Days
Access on All Devices
Premium Support

Customer Support of RoboForm and LastPass

Support Options RoboForm LastPass
24/7 Support
Email Support
Live Chat Support
Phone Support
Access on All Devices
Community Support
Twitter Based Support
Facebook Based Support

RoboForm vs. LastPass: Conclusion, Who is Best?

Purpose of both the tools are same. Hence, both work in a very similar way. There are some factors on which we have deviced the winner out of these two very near competitors.

RoboForm: It is very easy to work with and offers cross-platform availability of information with Desktop and Mobile apps as well as browser extensions. RoboForm encrypts and decrypts data locally on a device which makes your information extremely secure. Also, you are getting offline availability of login information on the device locally. From a pricing point of view, RoboForm is the most affordable and worthy solution for passwords management.

LastPass: Offering almost same features at a slightly higher price. It is entirely web-based which means you don’t need to download any application on your computer. LastPass uses the same AES-256 encryption along with military-grade encryption. It performs AES-256 bit encryption before sending information on your browser online which makes your information secure.

Who Wins? RoboForm.

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