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Serpstat Review: Powerful Growth Hacking Tool for Everyone

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Serpstat is a new tool in the market. Being a new tool, it has grown its customer base rapidly. It is an All-in-One SEO tool as well as a growth hacking tool for content creators, bloggers, webmasters, and everyone who is involved in digital marketing. In this Serpstat Review, we will deeply study this SEO tool and will see how much it worth.

When there are tools like Ahrefs, and SEMRush available in the market, it is very tough to make another choice. Comparatively Serpstat is an economical one. You can’t just pick any SEO tool for research, you must make sure that what you choose will be the best. Serpstat is an All-in-One SEO tool as per their claims. So, without taking more of your time, let’s start with this review. If you want to evaluate by own, you can also try serpstat for free.

Serpstat Review: Really a Growth Hacking All-in-One SEO Tool?

Launched in back 2013 for internal use of Netpeak digital marketing agency, Serpstat changed to a tool which is now being used by over 100k users worldwide. Serpstat comes with a combination of 9 tools & features which includes:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Search Analytics
  3. Advertising Analysis
  4. Content Marketing Ideation
  5. Competitor Research
  6. Rank Tracking
  7. Market Intelligence
  8. On-Page Auditing
  9. Reports & Infographics

This will be a long review, so if you don’t have time to read it, you can directly read our conclusion about Serpstat. Also we have a pros and cons table below this paragraph, you can have a look at that too. We’ll go throw each of these features in this Serpstat Review. As per the performance of these tools, will let you know about how useful they are to you. Along with these features, there are some cool things about Serpstat which you must know before going deep into this review. So, here are some cool facts:

  • Serpstat is used by 100k+ Users Worldwide.
  • It has a database of over 100M keywords.
  • Disk space of 10+ TBs is used for storing data.
  • They update 15000+ keywords every minute.
  • Rank tracking data daily updated in 12,000+ cities.
  • 5 Millions requests processed each month.
  • AppSumo all time top selling SEO tool.
  • Most upvoted SEO tool on ProductHunt.
  • Top 5 Best Selling Products on AppSumo ever.

What I LikeWhat I Didn't
Inbuilt Rank Tracking ToolHave Bugs & Errors
Powerful Competitor ResearchBeing a New Tool, Few Metrics can be unavailable on Serpstat. Gradually they are working on getting data.
Biggest Keyword DatabaseInitially, newbies may find it overwhelming.
Much better keyword research than Ahrefs
On-Page auditing tool.
Pricing is Good

Now let’s get started with the Serpstat review.

Dig Out Perfect Keywords for Your Niche

Serpstat Keyword Research Tool Review
Serpstat Keyword Research Tool Review

First of all, I would like to tell you that I found Serpstat having multiple bugs. I tried searching for keywords for research, it returned me this error “Error: failed to get a page” a lot of times. Also, I have faced error 500 multiple times on Serpstat.

Serpstat keyword research tool is easy to use even for newbies. Users can easily spy on competitor’s organic and PPC keywords using Serpstat. Knowledge of competitor’s keywords is must for a business. This helps in making accurate strategies and outranking competitors. With this tool, you can dig out some amazing profitable keywords just like LongTailPro.

One great feature of Serpstat’s keyword research tool which I like the most is that you can compare keywords with different metrics like volume, PPC ads, competition, quality results, quantify results, etc.. Keyword variations are very important in blogging in order to get higher rankings for your articles. Along with blogging, it is very important in content creation for any sort of business or niche. Serpstat offers you various keyword variations and suggestions which you can use to improve relevancy of your content and get better rankings.

All of us knows that long tail keywords are specific and likely to provide better conversion then short tail keywords. Relevancy and purpose of long tail keywords are very targeted and that is the reason why they convert better. These long tail keywords may get you less traffic but certainly, more conversion and conversion is the thing you want. Also, ranking on long tail keywords is easier because these keywords are not caught by most of the competitors who are missing long tail keyword research. Serpstat helps you find these highly profitable keywords with their keyword research tool.


One more interesting feature which Serpstat offers is keyword trends. You can know better about the keyword by looking at the keyword trends graph. This will tell you about the fluctuation of the keyword in the past one year. So, you can know when the keyword works well and you can plan PPC campaigns during that time.

So, In my view, I will rate their keyword research tool in this Serpstat review 4 out of 5 ratings. It is better than Ahref’s keyword research feature.

Serpstat Review: Search Analytics

Serpstat Search Analytics Tool Review
Serpstat Search Analytics Tool Review

Did you ever spy on your competitors? Well, if you haven’t then it is the time to spy on your competitors. The search analytics tool in Serpstat lets you directly know about your organic competitors. Their proprietary algorithms process data and show your competitors on a graph which they call Competitors Graph. As you can see in the screenshot above, you can spy on your competitors with various factors like common keywords, total keywords, growth, visibility, etc..

It is also very important to keep a track of your competitor’s ranking on SERP. Along with this, keep a track of your positions on SERP, measure each up and down so you can check whether things are going in the right way or not. And, if not then where the issue is. You can track your competitor’s most popular pages, this will help you in knowing which type of content brings the maximum traffic and customers.

Increase ROI with Advertising Analysis

Serpstat Review: Advertising Analysis Tool
Serpstat Review: Advertising Analysis Tool

For businesses, who run advertising campaigns or specifically PPC campaigns, Serpstat’s advertising analysis is quite useful. During the testing of this feature, we were amazed at the range of data it presents in front of you. With the ad copies, you will also be able to see the keyword they are targeting on that ad copy. In some cases, where there is a CPC assigned to the keywords, you will also be able to see the CPC of that particular keyword.

Spying on their CPC will get you an estimate of the budget you need to use and being used by your competitor. Users can sort all the ad copies by the domain and know about the highest performing keywords of your competitor.

Discover Working Content in Your Niche with Content Marketing Ideation

Serpstat Content Marketing Ideation Tool
Serpstat Content Marketing Ideation Tool

While creating content, writers must research the industry with trending content. They should study that what type of content is loved by the audience, and what type of content companies in their niche often publish. This will help them in preparing a working content marketing strategy.

In content, Questions are something which is most searched by the users. Everyone is looking for a solution of a problem or looking to know about something, in this case, people often search queries like “How to”, “What”, “Where”, etc.. You can create great content with such questions. Serpstat’s search suggestion database helps you find questions which are being searched by your target audience.

Along with finding questions, you will be suggested keywords by which you can increase relevancy of your content. This will enable you to catch similar keywords and don’t miss on any opportunity.

Know Everything about Your Competitors with Competitor Research

Serpstat Competitor Analysis
Serpstat Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is a must for making an outperforming marketing strategy. Along with creating the marketing plan, it also helps you in tailoring your services and products for the betterment of customers. Serpstat’s competitor analysis tool is very easy to work with. Just enter the domain name and it will get you all the competitor list in front of you. Measure your unique keywords and similar keywords on which your competitors are also ranking. Users can compare metrics and performance of 200 domains at one, this is really awesome.

Monitor Rankings with Rank Monitor Feature

For every business, monitoring it’s and competitor’s rankings is very important. Often people look for third part tools for monitoring rankings. Not all the tools in market comes with an included rank monitor service. It is one of few companies who offer rank monitoring service to its users in one package. You can track unlimited keywords on daily bases. The data will be updated daily with accurate information.

Market Intelligence Let’s You Learn from Leaders

Being in the industry, you need to have updated knowledge about the industry and especially about your competitors. Market intelligence lets you have information about organic and PPC keywords of your competitors. By measuring them, you can take actions and outrank your competitors. This will help you in discovering more opportunities of growth every day.

On-Page Auditing Keeps Your Website Optimized

Serpstat On-Page Audit Feature
Serpstat On-Page Audit Feature

Measuring your competitors and focusing on the Off-Page part of SEO is not the only important thing. You will have to measure your own website’s performance, pages, errors, and bugs, etc.. On-Site audit of Serpstat allows you to analyze and discover On-Page SEO errors and opportunities. This analysis report consists of various factors like:

  • Relevancy of Meta Tags with Content and Title.
  • Usage of Heading Tags.Duplicate Content on Website.
  • Interlinking and Outgoing links validation.
  • Robots.txt settings.
  • 404 Not found and Error Pages.
  • Creation and Analysis of Sitemap.
  • Images Problems.
  • Presence of hidden content pages.

Serpstat Review – Present Data with Reports and Infographics

Being an agency or a freelancer, reports are one of the most important things to us. Reporting is a must thing which is also the right of clients. So, providing clean and organized reports are our responsibility. But, does it mean you will have to work on reports and give so much time in it? No. Well, if you go manually, it will take a lot of time. But, with Serpstat, you can generate reports for your clients quickly by clicking a button.

Along with creating reports, you will be provided a simple dashboard where you can have a quick view of a project. Email alerts are integrated into Serpstat which sends you a notification about the movement of your keywords. This will help you in keeping a record of what things are going good and what needs your attention. All the reports in Serpstat include a graphical presentation of data using graphs and charts which provides them better readability and understanding.

Here comes the most interesting feature, maybe you are thinking that the reports created by Serpstat will be having its logo. Well, that’s true too. But, it also offers you a feature of While label reports. So, you can generate reports without any Serpstat’s branding and you can put your logo on reports.

Serpstat Pricing – How Much You Need to Pay for This?

As an industry-leading solution, Ahrefs and SEMRush are quite expensive too. Serpstat is now also being counted among one of the greatest tools for SEO. Also, Serpstat is also in healthy competition with Ahrefs and SEMRush. When we look at the pricing of this tool, it is extremely well priced. At least for the lower plans. If you can learn to use these tools well, you can reach the heights. The pricing of the tool will no longer be mattering to you if you learned to leverage this tool. There are various plans being offered by Serpstat, the first plan is starting at just $19 per month. Have a look at the pricing here:

Serpstat Review: Pricing & Plans
Serpstat Review: Pricing & Plans

Now here is a discount for you, you can get upto 40% on Serpstat’s plans. This discount will be applicable on annual plans. You can activate this discount by clicking here.

Conclusion of Serpstat Review (Updated)

I have personally used Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Serpstat. I must say is the Ahrefs is my all time favorite but Serpstat outranks Ahrefs in some features like keywords research. This new tool in the market has really satisfied my needs and surprised me with its performance. Pricing is one of the biggest factors because Ahrefs and SEMRush, both the tools are quite expensive. Serpstat is the most versatile tool in the SEO industry I ever have used. The range of features and tools they offer is extremely useful and comes in a package. It can be one of those magical tools for every search engine optimizers, agencies, and freelancers. I don’t know whether you agree with my thought or not, BUT, Serpstat worth a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Serpstat is completely able to track keywords of any website. You can use the rank tracking feature of Serpstat to use this functionality. Just put the domain name and keywords and you’ll be able to see keyword rankings on your rank tracker dashboard.

No, Serpstat has comparatively low set of database as compared to SEMRush which is an industry leading tool. Serpstat is among the best tools for SEO but in terms of features, functionality, and offerings, SEMRush is much better than Serpstat.

Serpstat is a premium search engine optimization tool which is more like a paid software but you get a free plan that allows you to perform research, analyze, and track 1 website.

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