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Strategies To Promote Your YouTube Channels In Just 6 Steps

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The past decade has shown us a lot of dynamic changes in YouTube, making it one of the most searched platforms on the Internet. From being used just for viewing videos, it is now one of the biggest platforms from earning monetary benefits also. You can earn a good money via YouTube marketing.

If you are planning to start your YouTube channel, or have an existing one, and want to grow its subscribers, views and revenue, then this post is apt for you. Here, you will get across some amazing strategies using which you can grow your YouTube channels like never before.

Setting up a YouTube channel is pretty much an easy task. The biggest factor for any channel is to grow its Subscribers, which is also the most challenging task.

Having more subscribers will increase the probability of increased video views which in return, will generate more revenue through advertisements.

It has been seen that over 90% of YouTube channels are left in the mid of the first year mainly because most of these channels are created for instant fame and money, leading to failure when their expectations are not met instantly.

While creating a YouTube channel, there is something you should keep in mind:

Nobody gets fame overnight on YouTube. It takes some time, creativity, regularity, passion and hard work to make it big. Your channel may take few days, months or even years to get fully established and popular.

One should realize that your videos will take some time to reach your audience. The ones who are actually passionate about their channel with a long term goal should use this platform. This is because only passionate YouTubers will be able to maintain regularity and post quality content on their channel.

How to Target Your YouTube Ads
How to Target Your YouTube Ads

This post will discuss the most important factors which will help you grow your YouTube channel in a way that will make your videos stand out from the crowd.

Use Relevant Channel Name, Logo and Background

Channel name is the fundamental part of your YouTube channel. Irrespective of the videos you are uploading, your brand channel will be recognized with your channel name. It is important in the long run to make an impression on your audience.

Optimize your channel with a clear and compelling profile describing your channel. Make sure of relevancy or relatedness of your channel with the videos you are uploading. Include eye-catchy logos, backgrounds, colors, social media icons, custom banners and layouts.

This way you are branding your channel to bring consistent exposure to your viewers on your YouTube channel and your audience will be able to recognize your unique voice.

Create A Great Custom YouTube Video Thumbnails

Along with the channel optimization, another key component for enticing the clicks on your YouTube video is your video thumbnail. Despite of having a great channel and title, if your thumbnail image is not relevant, it will be much likely for your audience to click on, or share your video. It takes only seconds for the viewers to decide on which video to click and watch. Design a thumbnail which reinforces what your video is all about.

For example, if your video is about cricket, having a thumbnail of a movie, it will be irrelevant. Make sure your thumbnail is also related to cricket.

There are few rules that should be kept in mind while optimizing the right thumbnail image for your video:

  • Image resolution should be of 1280 x 720 (with minimum width-640 pixels)
  • Size should be within 2 MB limit.
  • Aspect ratio of 16:9 is recommended to be maintained.
  • Image should be uploaded in these formats- .JPG, .PNG, .GIF or .BMP

Upload your thumbnail by simply choosing Custom thumbnail option. You can also add thumbnail to your existing video using Video Manager option.

Create Unique And Quality Content

Having a relevant channel name, logo and background is good, but your video also needs an introduction, and some content description, which should be relevant with respect to your YouTube video content. You can select a broad category and make relevant videos in that particular category.

Here, the content will play a crucial role in deciding whether you YouTube channel will turn out to be a success or not.

Try using the original content for your video. YouTube is not the platform for copied videos, otherwise, your channel will be soon banned and might get you into legal troubles if any copyright issue is raised. So, quality content with 100% uniqueness is all you need for a successful YouTube channel.

Maintain Regularity

When you have made all the elements of the YouTube channel perfect, what is it that can create a hindrance in its success? The success of your channel is highly dependent on the regularity that you maintain with your videos. Always keep your channel active and post videos regularly. While you can increase the visibility of your channel with video SEO, but nothing can be compared to the authentic engagement that can be done by constantly engaging your existing and new visitors.

Subscribe to the channels of active like-minded individuals in your industry’s YouTube community. Watch their videos that interest you and share your valuable feedback to them.

By promoting other YouTube user’s channel instead of yours, you are coming out as dynamic, engaged and an active member of the community. This quality will bring your channel to the forefront of your community which will help you catch the attention.

Include Call-To-Action In Your Videos

Include Call-To-Action In Your Videos
Include Call-To-Action In Your Videos

Call-To-Action is very effective if you want to increase the shares of your videos and want some sort of conversion from your viewers. If you are not asking your viewers to do any activity with your video/channel, then you are definitely missing out huge opportunities for the promotion of your channels. Using Call-To-Action in your videos, you can ask your viewers to subscribe to your channels, like and share your videos, ask questions, participate in contests, vote for their favorites, be a part of webinar, fill forms, and even watch other videos. This is a way you can further interact with your viewers to promote your YouTube channel.

Use Different Networks To Promote Your YouTube Channel (Cross-Promotion)

Link your YouTube channel with other social media networks, your website/blog (if any), your email signature etc. Share your videos on those social media networks in order to build and extend your channel external to YouTube as well.

How can you do cross-promotion of your YouTube content?

  • By promoting your channel and videos on TV, radio, newsletters, forums, websites, and other social media platforms.
  • By creating YouTube badges for websites that will display your YouTube presence by using YouTube APIs.
  • Use embedded URLs that comes with other videos to embed on your website. Send links to those website/blogs where you want your videos to be displayed. All one needs to embed your video is copy & paste the link that will be displayed while sharing.

So, all you need to do is invest your time, energy, skills and creativity to the above strategies, and you will definitely see your YouTube channel boom with a bash.

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