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Thirsty Affiliates Black Friday 2021 – Grab 30% Discount, Save Up to $60! ????

Thirsty Affiliates Black Friday Sale - Get 30% Discount

???? Thirsty Affiliates offer for this black friday sale will be live on 26th November. You can now get 30% discount on all licenses of Thirsty Affiliate by using this black friday coupon given below.

ThirstyAffiliates is more than just an affiliate link cloaker. It has all the tools you need to be successful as an affiliate marketer. From auto-linking keywords, Amazon integration, amazing reports, smart uncloaking, geo links and so much more. It pays for itself in just a couple of affiliate sales! Get ThirstyAffiliates before midnight 29th November 2021 for a whopping 30% discount, use coupon code mentioned above.

ThirstyAffiliates Black Friday Sale – 30% Discount

Thirsty Affiliate - Black Friday Deal
Thirsty Affiliate – Black Friday Deal

Thirsty Affiliates Black Friday Sale 2021 is live now and you can get the amazing discount on your purchase. Thirsty Affiliates is one of the best and most useful affiliates link management and cloaking plugin for WordPress. This is the time when you can grab maximum with Thirsty Affiliates Black Friday Deals. When you monetize your blog or a website, Thirsty Affiliate can help you to manage your affiliate links very easily. The Thirsty Affiliates premium plugin has a lot of other add-ons which will help you to make things easy to work and effective. Thirsty Affiliates Black Friday 2021 Sale is the best time when you can buy this plugin at a discounted price. You are getting 30% discount on thirsty affiliates wordpress plugin.

If you are an affiliate marketer and looking for a plugin or a tool that can make affiliate links easily manageable for you, then this is the best time for you to grab this plugin as it is the only time of the year when you can get it for the lowest price. Above is the button that will help you to activate the deal in no time. In this Thirsty Affiliates Black Friday Sale, they are providing over 30% discount on the purchase of their plugin. The sale is going to be live from 26th November 2021 and will run until 29th November 2021 that is called the Cyber Monday.

When you opt to purchase the plugin, you may be asked to enter the promo code to avail the discount. Here is the discount coupon that is applicable for Thirsty Affiliates.

This coupon code will be applicable for a limited time only and you need to be pretty fast to avail the discount. So, make sure you don’t miss the chance to avail the discount and ready with all the information required to make payment.

Why Choose Thirsty Affiliates Black Friday Sale?

As we mentioned above, Thirsty Affiliates is the best affiliate links management and cloaking plugin for WordPress. This is the most required tool for affiliate marketers. This tool can help you a lot to manage your Website or blog with Monetization. Moreover, Thirsty Affiliates has a very simple and easy to use interface which is very helpful for beginners as well as for professionals and also it has several more features that are the main reasons to buy this plugin. Here we are listing all the features.

  1. Affiliate Links Cloaking: You can redirect visitors to your affiliates without revealing your affiliate links to them. The benefit of this feature is you can hide those ugly and very long affiliate links to just some words or just even a single word.
  2. Categorization: You have different categories to manage your website URLs. This will make things easy to manage for you and the links will appear as per their categories. It will help you to look more professional and organized.
  3. Affiliate Redirection Images: You can add images to your affiliate links so that they will appear indicating a redirection from your website to affiliate’s website to your customer.
  4. Accurate Stats and Tracking Information: You can track your affiliate links with Thirsty Affiliates and also can get accurate statistics about your affiliated links with Thirsty Affiliates.
  5. Keywords Link Automation: Thirsty Affiliates plugin will link your affiliate links with the relevant keywords automatically on your websites so you don’t need to take much care of it. It will save a lot of your time and you will not need to add each link separately.
  6. Links Import: Thirsty Affiliates also help you to import affiliate link from other websites like Amazon. You don’t need to link manually, just need to search it and get it to your website.

Why you need a link cloaking plugin for affiliate websites?

We think that these reasons are enough to buy Thirsty Affiliates for your business. If you are into real affiliate marketing, this is a must-have plugin for you and we highly recommend you go for this. Thirsty affiliates gonna make working better and more organized for you.

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