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Types of Links for Website Optimization

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Many of you knows that the web is made up of links. Links are also not common links but they are different types of links. A link works to connect one webpage to another. When you search on google for anything what google gives you is a link to other website. Links are very important on webpages. Without links we cannot browse websites easily.

Let’s now read about what are the different types of links which we need to have on our website for perfect optimization. In this article I’ll be telling you about 10 major types of links. Remember, If you optimizes these links well on your website then you will be rising up on the SERP.

Here is the list of types of links :

#1. Internal Links

As the name depicts that internal links are links which connects one webpage of website to another webpage of website. This linking is called internal linking.

#2. External Links

Again the name makes it very clear. External links are the links which connects/refer/redirect from your webpage to webpage on another website. This is basically called external linking.

#3. Text Links

The text links are links which have clickable text. These clickable text called anchor text. These links are also used in building backlinks from other websites on desired keywords.

#4. Image Links

Image links are also same as text links. But on the place of text here is images. There is no text associated to these links.

#5. No Follow Links

Generally No Follow is a link attributes. A No Follow link tells the search engine that the link is not safe. This will not effect the linking of webpage but also it will not affect your SEO in any positive or negative way. A No Follow link will look like :

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>ShashankK</a>

#6. Do Follow Links

There is not attribute for do follow links. It is just a simple link to another web page. It does not have any nofollow or dofollow attribute. This link is good for search engines and also increases your SERP.

#7. Paid and Sponsored Links

The link for which you are getting paid in any way then it is a paid or sponsored link. According to the search engines guidelines a Sponsored link always needs to be a nofollow link. Not only the search engines but the US government also has scrutinized paid links. So whenever you place a paid or sponsored link please ensure to mention that is a paid or sponsored link.

#8. Sidebar Links

The links which you places on sidebar or you have on sidebar are generally called sidebar links. These can be nofollow links, dofollow links, sponsored links, text link or image link.

#9. Footer Links

Footer links are links which you places or have on the footer of the website. These can be nofollow links, dofollow links, sponsored links, text link or image link.

#10. Navigation Links

Navigation links are links which helps you and users in browsing through the website. The best example for this is “Menu” which you have on the head of your website. Those all links are navigation links.

4 thoughts on “Types of Links for Website Optimization”

  1. Nice post herein. I love when my friends adds footer link for my blog.

    I normally achieve this by creating a template for them. Thanks

  2. Great Post buddy .
    Short and too the point
    Though I knew the points already but this article made it more brighter and clear


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