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Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Review: Best Gutenberg Extension

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This Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg review will take you completely through plugins, features, and functionalities it offers. Gutenberg ???? is the New Editor in the house. And here WordPress recently launched Gutenberg editor with the release of WordPress 5.0. This is the biggest update in the history of WordPress. So, for this visual editor, there will be a need for some features and add-ons to power it up. So, here is Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg from the house of Brainstormforce which is developer of leading Beaver Builder and Elementor Addons Plugin.

Introduction to Gutenberg Editor

Firstly, Let’s talk about Gutenberg Editor. It is still in development and first complete release of this editor is said to be releasing on 19th of November, 2018. Also, If it still is needing improvements, test on Gutenberg editor will continue till 22nd January 2019.

Gutenberg is a block-based editor. So far, WordPress is packed with a Classic editor which was a long editing field. It completely changes the way you used to create content with WordPress. You can download Gutenberg from WordPress’s plugin directory for free. This visual builder will help you in creating a website with drag and drop blocks in WordPress. It is the beginning of something big.

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Review

This is one of the earliest plugins which are launched as extension of modules for Gutenberg editor. Though the plugin is still in development, it is available for free download on WordPress’s plugin directory. More blocks will be added to Ultimate Addons for gutenberg plugin with coming releases and updates. In the end of this review, we will show you a page made with different modules of Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg.

Note: This review will be updated with the latest update of UAG plugin.

Modules: Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Review

There are currently few modules available in this plugin. Those few modules are Advanced Headings, Post Grid, Section, Multi Buttons, Team Option, Price List, Social Share Buttons, Testimonial, InfoBox, and a lot more. In this Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Review, we will take you completely through these modules and their usage along with how these modules perform in reality. So, let’s start with it. Currently, the plugin is available for free download. You can download it by clicking on the button below.

Advanced Heading

This modules offers option to put a eye catching heading to the page using gutenberg editor. It includes a heading, a divider which can be adjusted from block options and a description about that heading. These 3 things makes your heading look professional and explaining. Below in the picture, we have tried to show you how advanced heading looks in backend and after that we will show you how it looks on site.

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg: Advanced Headings (Back-End)
UAGB: Advanced Headings
UAGB: Advanced Headings
Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg: Advanced Headings (Front-End)
UAGB: Advanced Headings
UAGB: Advanced Headings

UAGB Section

A section is used for writing paragraphs. By using sections, you can make your paragraphs look nice with various typography options and background options. Sections are useful in writing blogs of highlighting some important information on a page. Also, you are getting a drop cap option which makes your paragraph start in a classy style. We have shown an example of Section in below picture. Have a look at it:

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg: Section (Front-End)
Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg: Section
Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg: Section

Post Grid in UAGB

I really liked their post grid module. You can easily put posts in the grid using this module. This grid is completely customizable with grid columns settings and a number of posts you want to show in a row. Also, you can customize the visuals of this grid by typography and background options. You can also choose what information you want to display in a grid about the post. This is how their Post Grid looks:

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg: Post Grid
Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg: Post Grid
Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg: Post Grid

Multi Buttons in UAGB

Buttons are something which all the websites and blogs require. In this plugin, developers have taken care of it and given the option of multiple buttons. You can create many buttons in Gutenberg editor using this module. Creating buttons is super easy with this module and also typography options make it more useful. Below is an example of how these buttons look:

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg: Multi Buttons
Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg
Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg: Multiple Buttons (Due to Image Optimization, You may see low quality image here. Buttons quality in UAGB is really good.)

Info Box in UAGB

This one is probably the best module which we saw in UAGB plugin. This also seems very useful and attractive too. You can create testimonials, call to cations, information boxes, etc with the help of this module. Without talking much, let’s see how it look in real:

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg: Info Box
Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg: Info Box
Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg: Info Box

Team Box in Ultimate Gutenberg Addons

Being a company, everyone need an option to flaunt their awesome team on their website. This module of Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg will help you in putting a beautiful team box on website. You will be able to display all the necessary details about team on website. Key features of team block is image postitioning, typography options, alignments, color options, and many more interesting features. For reference, you can have a look at this:

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg: Team Block
Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg: Info Box
Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg: Info Box

Conclusion of Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Review

As the plugin is still in development, it doesn’t offer a wide range of modules. Still, all the available modules work very well without any issue. With coming update, more modules will be rolled out. Also, Gutenberg is set to fully release by 19th November 2018. There is a lot to come with Gutenberg and it’s add-ons plugins like UAGB. The plugin worked well with all the available modules so we are expecting more modules and updates in near days. You can download Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Builder for Free from WordPress’s plugins directory.

3 thoughts on “Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Review: Best Gutenberg Extension”

  1. Hi, thank you for the review of Ultimate addons! I would like to ask your opinion about Getwid. Do you think Ultimate is better or Getwid is also good? I am not sure which one to choose for my daily work.

    • Hi Natalie, I’ve worked with UAG and haven’t tried Getwid so far. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is a majorly used gutenberg addon and also it is a free plugin. Getwid seems quite promising but if you are buying the premium version. As per my opinion, if you are looking for a free one, UAG is better and if in case you are ready to pay for it, You can go for Getwid.


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