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Wishpond Review: 4 in 1 Handy Business Growth Marketing Solution

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In an online business, having a marketing solution that fulfills all your basic needs is important. Wishpond is a 4-in-1 marketing platform developed for business growth. In this Wishpond Review, I’ll be telling you about what Wishpond does, who it is made for, how much it costs, what are good and bad features of it as per the experience we had. Also, I’ll be getting hands on all the tools offered in Wishpond. It is developed with a focus on lead generation and nurturing. The 4 tools which Wishpond is offering are of landing pages, popups & forms, contests and promotions, and marketing automation

With the help of included tools in Wishpond, one can easily create landing pages, forms, contests, automation flows, and more without writing a single line of code. So, if you are a non-techy business owner, Wishpond is made for you.

Recently I did ActiveCampaign Review which was also a business automation tool including similar offerings. If you are looking to get a tool for marketing automation then I would better suggest you go with ActiveCampaign.

Well, without taking more time, let’s begin with this Wishpond Review and see how useful it can be for your business.

Wishpond Review: What is Wishpond?

Wishpond Review
Wishpond Review

Lead Generation and Marketing Automation has never been so easy for non-techy people. Wishpond offers you a drag and drop interface to build landing pages and automation. For your email and website, they offer 4 different tools which are Landing Pages, Social Contests, Popups, Forms, and Marketing Automation.

The email marketing automation tool included in Wishpond allows users to create segmented lists of their subscribers for better management and campaign targeting. You can use different options like location, interest, activity, and more to create segmented lists.

Wishpond has been delivering its services to big companies around the world including Sony, UNICEF, Fairmont, CBS, Walmart, the weather network, Panasonic, and many more. So far, you’ve got an overview of Wishpond and what it is made for. So, now let’s start with the Wishpond Review. I’ll be exploring and evaluating each and every feature and offerings of Wishpond to give you a complete insight of Wishpond. Here we go…

Landing Pages for Effective Lead-Gen Campaigns

Wishpond Landing Pages Builder
Wishpond Landing Pages Builder

If I talk about something which plays a crucial part in lead generation will definitely be a landing page. With the help of very easy to use and highly intuitive page builder from Wishpond, you can create elegant landing pages within minutes for your campaign. These landing pages look nothing less than a web page but the sole motive of landing pages is to collect user information through a form.

Pre-made templates are important for anyone in today’s time as we don’t have time to build page design. These pre-made templates help to save time in designing a page. Wishpond offers 100s of pre-made landing pages to all the users. All these templates are made for different purposes and industry so it is pretty certain that you’ll find a good design for your marketing campaign.

Pre-Made Landing Page Templates
Pre-Made Landing Page Templates

Doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer, or an agency, or a business, Wishpond will be useful for you in all the cases. A lot of times our business has to rely on developers for running marketing campaigns. But with using Wishpond, you can create pages, create forms, create contests in just a few clicks without any coding knowledge and this is what makes Wishpond a preferred tool for businesses around the globe.

Creating and Editing Landing Pages

Drag and Drop Editor
Drag and Drop Editor
We first started with the Drag-and-Drop builder during the Wishpond Review. Along with it, we already told you about the pre-made templates which Wishpond offers. Once you are done with importing a pre-made template, you can simply start editing it with the use of drag-and-drop editor as shown in the image here.

The landing page builder of Wishpond offers widgets, features, and options which are pretty similar to other tools like ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, and InstaPage. Now when it comes to being unique, I don’t find anything much interesting about it except facebook comments widget and placement for contests on the landing page. Overall, the builder is well developed, fast, and easy to use for building any type of landing page. And yes, there is no need of having any technical knowledge to built a page for your marketing campaign using Wishpond.

Once you are finished with creating the page, you can simply publish it on a Website, Domain, Facebook Page, WordPress, etc.

Landing Page Optimization and Reporting

Wishpond Review: Landing Page Optimization
Wishpond Review: Landing Page Optimization
Optimization is a very important task in any type of marketing activity. Talking about landing pages here, you should measure the performance of your landing page using reports offered in the tool. With just a few clicks you can create A/B split testing and see which design works best for your campaign.

Using real-time analytics, you can analyze visitor behavior and make changes accordingly. Wishpond has also offered pop-ups which you can use to improve conversion on your landing page. There are multiple types of popups given in the tool. Here are some types which you’ll be getting in Wishpond landing page builder:

  • Popups
  • Welcome Mats
  • Slide-In
  • Opt-in Bars, etc.

Responsiveness and Forms

Custom & Attractive Forms
Custom & Attractive Forms
A landing page cannot be complete without a form to collect information. Simple forms are not much successful on landing pages. It is important to mix and match the form with the design and scheme of the landing page. Along with the design, form fields are very important.

By using the form editor of Wishpond, you can create custom form fields to collect relevant business information. Wishpond also offers pre-filled form fields which are really helpful in increasing the conversion rate.

As your campaign will be serving to a cross-platform audience so in this case, it is a must to have a responsive landing page. Wishpond landing pages are mobile-optimized, so as soon as you are done with creating a landing page, you can access it properly on mobile.

Creating and Running Contests with Wishpond

Contests with Wishpond
Contests with Wishpond

Online sweepstakes and contests have been playing an important role in brand awareness, business reach, and in-direct sales. Especially for gaining email subscribers and social followers, contests and sweepstakes work really well. Why contests work well in the growth of a business has a really simple answer which is incentives. Yes, Incentives allow people to take action and take part in a contest with the vision of winning it by trying their best. During our Wishpond Review, we tried creating a sweepstake. The interface is well designed and you’ll not be facing any issue. It is a wizard-like process that simplifies things so even newbies can work on it effortlessly.

So, Wishpond offers you 10 different and unique types of contest and competitions which you can run for your business. Here are the 10 types of contests they offer you:

Types of Contests Offered by Wishpond
Types of Contests Offered by Wishpond

Purpose of all these types of contests is focused on 3 main things:

  • Email List Growth: With a wide reach, contests are one of the best ways to increase the subscriber base.
  • Increasing Social Following: Incentives work like a charm in increasing followers, likes, and sharing of your social contents and accounts.
  • Driving Sales: Using the data collected from contests, you can run a post-contest email campaign promoting or educating users about your products.

Collect More Leads with Website Popups

Website Popups
Website Popups

Website popups are widely used by big and small websites on the internet because of their success factor. Popups help in generating email lists and retaining customers in the long run. Even a visitor leaving your website can be converted into a subscriber with the help of a popup message. Further, you can send campaigns to the subscribers and convert them to your customers.

While I was doing this Wishpond Review, What I’ve observed about Wishpond is that this bundle of essential tools is pretty common to what other tools are offering in the market. Talking about Landing Pages, Popups, Forms, etc., I didn’t find anything unique. It works very similarly to other available alternatives except for contests and marketing automation.

But, thinking from the cost point of view, it costs much less than purchasing individual tools and managing them. Also, the integration of different data is easier with Wishpond as all the data is collected and stored in 1 account.

Wishpond Review: Drag and Drop Website Popup Builder
Wishpond Review: Drag and Drop Website Popup Builder
Using the drag and drop editor, you can create attractive popups for your website. Pre-made templates are also included in the Website Popups tool which you can use to create popups in minutes. Again, you are not required to have any sort of coding knowledge to implement these popups on your website.

All designs and actions of popups are controllable with easy options in your Wishpond account. Let’s quickly take a look at what types of website popups are available in Wishpond.

  • Standard Popups
  • Welcome Mats
  • Opt-in Bars
  • Slide-in Popups
  • Blog Subscription
  • Sales Promotion
  • Coupon Offers

To add popups on your website, you can simply paste script code given to you in the header of the website or you can publish directly on the website using Wishpond integration options. You can easily publish popups on your website, Blog, eCommerce Store, Shopify, WordPress, and any other platform using the HTML code.

I don’t know if you are aware of “Triggers” or not but this is a really important function which you must look for. Triggers allow you to decide when you want to show the popup. If you want to show the popup when the user is about to leave the website, you can do it with the help of triggers. Wishpond offers you variety of triggers like:

  • On click
  • On entry
  • On exit-intent
  • On scroll
  • On timed delay
  • With JavaScript

Overall, I am satisfied with the availability of templates and trigger options. Also, the editor is pretty easy to use and fast also. I tried popups on my WordPress website and it worked well there. Under the reports, I can see how many conversion the popup collected and other vital information.

Segmentation for Leads Management

List and Leads Management
List and Leads Management | Picture: Leadsquared

List segmentation is an important feature in today’s email marketing and lead generation campaigns. How it’ll look if we put 5 people of different interests in a group? Unorganized and messy? Right?. So, here segmentation helps you in creating 5 different segments and putting people of the same interest or purpose in the respected list. This will not only make your data organized and easily accessible, but you’ll also be able to quickly send emails to the specifically targeted audience.

One thing I really liked about leads on Wishpond is that you can see what pages your leads are browsing in real-time. This will provide you a better insight into your visitors and accordingly, you can improve the marketing as per the user behavior. Creating segmented lists is quite easy and you can even do it on autopilot by putting the parameters. For example, people will be segmented separately in different lists depending on their location like Canada List, Europe List, Australia List, etc.

Form Builder for Collecting Information

Online Forms Builder
Online Forms Builder

Being in a business that runs on information collected from users, customized forms are something that we need frequently. Google Forms, JotForms, Typeforms are some available options from where you can create forms. But, the problem is that the features will be limited or you need to pay for the complete access to all features. Also, brandable forms are better for any business as it will give the form fillers a sense of trust. Just like landing pages, popups, etc., Wishpond offers templates for customized forms that you can use to create forms in minutes.

Form editor given in Wishpond is one of the easiest I’ve ever used. You just need to drag and drop the field to the form and you’re done. It is as simple as using the mouse click. Along with predefined fields for phone, email, address, etc., you also get the option to create a custom field.

As you may be using the forms on landing pages, you are being given the A/B testing function so you can test which form type is working best for you. Along with landing pages, forms can be used anywhere like on your website or you can even use the Wishpond provided domains to use forms.

Automate Marketing Efforts with Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Now we are at a very interesting point in this Wishpond Review. Marketing Automation is something that is in high demand these days. Small and Big businesses from around the globe are opting for it as it reduces manual work and improves conversion rate and customer satisfaction. It’s like you created a process and dedicated tasks with defined events. Now, when someone comes into interaction with the process, the robot will do whatever you defined to perform.

Marketing Automation Workflow

As you can see in this image on left (above if you are reading from a mobile), there is a workflow given that has 2 different situations and further, there are emails depending on the situation. This is how email automation works, you need to specify and event and emails for that situation. The workflow will run automatically whenever someone interacts with the process.

Again the process of building the automation sequence goes through a wizard-like step-by-step process. In which you can select the email marketing lists and proceed to create the process. At the time of the creation of the process, you have to create email templates that you want to send to the users. Once you are done with the creation, you can switch it on. In the reports section, all the information and tracking is given. Whenever a subscriber interacts with your emails, you’ll be able to see it in reports.

If you are thinking to buy Wishpond because of automation thing then I would like to tell you that it is not a complete automation tool. If you want to know about advanced automation with complex workflows, you can read this ActiveCampaign Review.

Intutive Email Marketing Experience

Wishpond Review: Email Marketing
Wishpond Review: Email Marketing

Whether you are a small business or a large business or even a blogger, email marketing is very important for every business. According to many studies, email marketing is marked as the best method for conversion in digital marketing. It doesn’t end up with customers purchasing a product. You always hold the user and you can really market your campaigns to the user multiple times, again and again, repeating the process. Email Marketing is a gem and the subscriber list you generate is no less than an asset of your business.

Just like many other email marketing software, it also offers pre-made high-quality email templates that help in creating email campaigns in just a few clicks. All the templates are mobile optimized and designed by experienced people in this domain.

Drag and Drop editor is given to help you in easily building the template of your email campaign. This editor uses HTML as a source to create the email. The editor worked absolutely fine while our testing and it has enough essential widgets which you’ll need for an email campaign. Along with creating custom emails, you can also configure newsletters with Wishpond so that subscribers can join it and receive an update whenever you publish content on your website or blog.

What are the Available Integration Options?

Wishpond Integrations
Wishpond Integrations

A business uses multiple tools to manage their operations like CRM Software, Social Media Tools, Email Tools, Webinar Tools, and many more. Using the information on different platforms for work and operations is pretty common and is one of the regular tasks for a business. For such businesses with different applications and data sources, it is important to have an integration feature. Wishpond offers you integration with all major and popular applications and platforms.

Here are the integration options offered by Wishpond:

  • CRM Integration: Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Insightly, BatchBook, Highrise, Pipedrive, Contactually, Base CRM, SalesforceIQ, OnePage CRM,, Clio.
  • Email Marketing Apps: Constant Contact, MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, Benchmark, Campaign Monitor, Vertical Response, EventBrite, Mad Mimi, ActiveCampaign, Emma.
  • Help Desk Integration: UserVoice.
  • Survey App Integration: SurveyMonkey.
  • Webinar App Integration: ClickMeeting, GoToWebinar.
  • Team Chat App Integration: Slack.
  • Phone & SMS Integration: Twilio.
  • eCommerce Inetegration: LemonStand
  • Greeting Card Integration: Thankster.
  • Live Chat Integration: LiveChat Inc.
  • Analytics & Connection Integration:,
  • Along with all these integration applications, Wishpond offers integration with Zapier which allows you to connect with 500+ applications.

Pricing of Wishpond

Wishpond is one of the most affordable services I’ve ever come across. At the price point of $49/month onwards, they are offering a complete marketing solution. They offer 3 different plans which you can choose depending on the requirements. Here are the 3 plans for you:

Starting Out

➤ Unlimited Landing Pages
➤ Unlimited Social Contests
➤ Unlimited Popups
➤ Email Drip Campaigns
➤ Marketing Automation
➤ Unlimited User Accounts
➤ Maximum 1,000 Leads

Everything You Need

➤ All “Starting Out” Features
➤ A/B Testing
➤ Custom CSS & JavaScript
➤ API Access
➤ Maximum 2,500 Leads

Rapid Growth

➤ All “Everything You Need” Features
➤ First-in-line Customer Support
➤ Free Implementation Coaching worth $1,500
➤ 10,000 Leads Onwards

Conclusion of this Wishpond Review

Taking the money factor in mind and the number of functionalities it offers, Wishpond is an excellent bundle of marketing tools. I didn’t actually face any issue in working with the tool. The user interface is good and anyone will easily understand it. I’ve told everything about Wishpond in this review and I hope it will help you in knowing about Wishpond and whether it’ll be useful to you or not. As in my personal decision, if you are looking for a solution which is offering email, popups, contests, landing pages, marketing automation for small business then Wishpond will be the best. If in case your focus is on Marketing Automation then ActiveCampaign will be the recommendation from my side.

So, if you’ve planned to go with Wishpond, don’t forget to try it with this Wishpond 14 Days Free Trial ➔

Wishpond Frequently Asked Questions

As per the experience I had with Wishpond, I would say Yes! it is a good landing page creation software with 100s of available pre-made templates, 500+ applications integration options, A/B Testing, Real-time reports, Contests and Facebook comment widget, and much more.

No, Wishpond doesn’t offer any webinar or video conferencing software in their bundle. If you are looking for an email service with Webinar solution then you can head to GetResponse.

Wishpond has offered integtaion with many email marketing softwares which includes Constant Contact, MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, Benchmark, Campaign Monitor, Vertical Response, EventBrite, Mad Mimi, ActiveCampaign, and Emma.

Wishpond offers integration with many CRM applications which includes Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Insightly, BatchBook, Highrise, Pipedrive, Contactually, Base CRM, SalesforceIQ, OnePage CRM,, and Clio.

Wishpond offers multiple tools for business marketing which includes:

  1. Social Contest Tool
  2. Email Marketing Software
  3. Marketing Automation Tool
  4. Landing Page Software
  5. Popups Builder
  6. Forms Builder, and,
  7. Website Popups Builder

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